AppsProductivity Memorigi Premium Mod APK v7.3.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Memorigi Premium Mod APK v7.3.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Memorigi Premium Mod APK v7.3.3 (Premium Unlocked)
App NameMemorigi: To-Do List & Tasks
Latest Version7.3.3
Last Updated
Requirements Android 8.0Android8.0
Size11 MB
ModsPremium Features Unlocked
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (135) Votes


Introduction to Memorigi Premium Mod APK

Memorigi stands out as an award-winning all-in-one productivity app, offering a seamless blend of to-do list management, task tracking, calendar scheduling, and reminders. Recognized by prestigious sources like Digital Trends and Android Authority, Memorigi has earned its reputation as a top choice for organizing and accomplishing tasks effectively. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and commitment to user experience, Memorigi empowers users to streamline their daily routines, prioritize tasks, and achieve their goals with ease.

Awards and Recognition

  1. #1 Best To-do List of 2021 – Digital Trends
  2. #1 Top Android Apps of 2021 – Sam Beckman
  3. #2 Best To-do List of 2021 – Android Authority

Memorigi has been lauded by industry experts and users alike for its innovative approach to task management, earning top honors in prestigious rankings and reviews. These accolades underscore Memorigi’s status as a leading productivity tool trusted by millions worldwide.

What is Memorigi?

Memorigi is a versatile and intuitive productivity app designed to help users effectively manage their tasks, organize their schedules, and stay on top of their commitments. Serving as a comprehensive solution for to-do list management, task tracking, calendar scheduling, and reminders, Memorigi empowers users to enhance their productivity and accomplish their goals with ease.

With its minimalist user interface and powerful features, Memorigi offers a seamless and delightful user experience, making it effortless to organize tasks, set reminders, and prioritize activities. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student juggling multiple responsibilities, or anyone seeking to optimize their time management, Memorigi provides the tools you need to stay organized, focused, and productive.

Key Features

  1. Simple Yet Powerful: Memorigi offers a straightforward yet robust set of tools for organizing tasks, including groups, lists, headings, tasks, and tags. These features allow users to structure and prioritize their projects effectively.
  2. Intuitive and Goal-Oriented: With an intuitive user interface and goal-oriented design, Memorigi makes it easy to navigate and manage tasks. Swipe gestures enable quick scheduling and reorganization of to-do lists and tasks, while the UI/UX is optimized to help users maximize their productivity.
  3. Beautiful and Feature-Rich: Memorigi boasts a range of features designed to enhance users’ organizational capabilities, including color-coded tasks and lists with icons, subtasks for breaking tasks into manageable steps, and attachments for uploading important files.
  4. An Organizer: Users can create various types of lists with Memorigi, including grocery and shopping lists, birthdays lists, books to read lists, payments lists, and chores lists. Additionally, Memorigi serves as a platform for tracking high school, university, and work projects, planning holidays and events, and taking notes.
  5. A Daily Planner: Memorigi’s comprehensive approach to task management includes a GTD (Get Things Done) Inbox for capturing tasks, a Today view for focusing on daily priorities, an Upcoming view for planning the week and month ahead, and a Logbook view for tracking progress and completed work.
  6. A Task Manager: As a task manager, Memorigi offers a range of features, including a customizable widget for tasks and to-do lists, powerful reminders with recurring patterns, and statistics to track progress over time.
  7. A To-Do List: Memorigi allows users to create a variety of to-do lists for different purposes, such as grocery and shopping lists, birthdays lists, books to read lists, payments lists, and chores lists.

These key features make Memorigi a versatile and indispensable tool for organizing tasks, managing schedules, and optimizing productivity.

Features of Memorigi

  1. Web App: Access your to-do lists and tasks from anywhere with Memorigi’s web app, ensuring seamless synchronization across multiple devices.
  2. Email Tasks Integration: Send emails as tasks directly to your lists, making it easy to capture and organize important information.
  3. Google Calendar Integration: View your calendar events and tasks side by side, allowing for better coordination and planning of your schedule.
  4. Lists, Headings, and Tags: Organize your projects and to-do lists with ease using customizable lists, headings, and tags to categorize tasks and projects.
  5. Deadlines and Reminders: Set deadlines for tasks and receive powerful reminders with recurring patterns, ensuring you never miss an important deadline again.
  6. Today View: Focus on the most important tasks of the day with Memorigi’s Today view, helping you prioritize your daily activities and stay on track.
  7. Upcoming View: Plan your week and month ahead with Memorigi’s Upcoming view, providing a comprehensive overview of your upcoming tasks and events.
  8. Nag Me Feature: Combat procrastination with Memorigi’s Nag Me feature, which helps you stay accountable and motivated by reminding you to complete tasks at regular intervals.
  9. Swipe Gestures: Quickly reorder, schedule, and reorganize your tasks with intuitive swipe gestures, making task management effortless and efficient.
  10. Date Reminders: Receive timely reminders for tasks with recurrent patterns, such as weekly on specific days or every few hours, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  11. Statistics: Track your progress and productivity over time with Memorigi’s statistics feature, providing valuable insights into your task completion and efficiency.
  12. Memorigi Cloud: Keep your data in sync across all your devices with Memorigi Cloud, ensuring you have access to your tasks and lists wherever you go.
  13. Customization Options: Personalize your Memorigi experience with customizable lists, colors, icons, and ringtones, creating a tailored organization system that suits your preferences.
  14. Read Aloud: Listen to your due tasks read aloud with Memorigi’s Read Aloud feature, offering an alternative way to stay informed and on top of your commitments.
  15. Attachments: Safely store important files, photos, and documents directly within Memorigi, ensuring all relevant information is easily accessible when you need it most.

These features make Memorigi a powerful and versatile tool for organizing tasks, managing schedules, and optimizing productivity.

Subscription Details

While Memorigi offers a range of powerful features for free, some advanced functionalities require a subscription. Here are the subscription details:

  1. Subscription Plans: Memorigi offers subscription plans with various durations, including monthly, yearly, and lifetime options.
  2. Premium Features: Subscribing to Memorigi unlocks access to premium features such as:
    • Advanced reminder options
    • Additional customization options
    • Enhanced cloud synchronization
    • Priority customer support
    • And more
  3. Subscription Pricing: The pricing for Memorigi subscriptions may vary based on your location and the duration of the subscription plan chosen.
  4. Payment Method: Subscriptions to Memorigi can be purchased using the payment method associated with your app store account, such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  5. Cancellation and Refunds: Users can manage their subscriptions and cancel auto-renewal through their app store account settings. Refunds may be subject to the policies of the app store provider.

Before subscribing to Memorigi, users are encouraged to review the subscription details and terms of service to ensure they understand the benefits and obligations associated with the subscription plan.


In conclusion, Memorigi stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive productivity app, offering a wealth of features to help users organize their tasks, manage their schedules, and optimize their productivity. With its minimalist design, seamless user experience, and powerful functionality, Memorigi has earned recognition as a top choice for individuals seeking to streamline their daily routines and achieve their goals efficiently.

From its robust task management capabilities to its integrated calendar and reminder features, Memorigi empowers users to stay on top of their commitments and prioritize their tasks effectively. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student juggling multiple responsibilities, or anyone looking to enhance their productivity, Memorigi provides the tools you need to succeed.

With its subscription options offering access to additional premium features, Memorigi caters to users’ diverse needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient task management experience. Overall, Memorigi is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to take control of their tasks, manage their time effectively, and achieve greater productivity in their daily lives.

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