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Polaris Office Pro Mod APK v9.8.11 (Pro Unlocked)

Polaris Office: Edit&View, PDF
App NamePolaris Office: Edit&View, PDF
Latest Versionv9.8.11
Last Updated
PublisherPolaris Office Corp.
Requirements Android 5.0Android5.0
Size171 MB
ModsPro Features Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (421) Votes

4.2 Rating (421 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Android's Mobile Office : Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, TXT + Zip file

Introduction to Polaris Office Pro Mod APK

Welcome to Polaris Office – the ultimate office suite designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your document management tasks. With over 100 million users worldwide, Polaris Office has established itself as a trusted and versatile solution for creating, editing, and managing documents on the go.

latest Android Office App offers a comprehensive all-in-one office suite that is compatible with popular file formats such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and more. Recognized as an “Editors’ Choice,” “2015 Best App,” and “Top Developer” by Google Play, Polaris Office provides a seamless and intuitive user experience that caters to the diverse needs of users worldwide.

In this introduction, we will explore the key features and functionalities of Polaris Office, including its supported file formats, multilingual support, cloud storage integration, compact size, compatibility with Microsoft Office and PDF, creative tools for handwriting input and drawing, quick access across devices, and collaboration features for sharing and commenting on documents.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone in between, Polaris Office offers the tools and capabilities you need to create, edit, and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Join millions of users who rely on Polaris Office to boost their productivity and stay organized in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency and convenience with Polaris Office – download the app for free and unlock the power of a complete office suite right at your fingertips.

Features Overview

Polaris Office offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that empower users to create, edit, and manage documents with ease. Here’s an overview of the key features:

  1. Supported File Formats:
    • Polaris Office supports a wide range of file formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, HWP, and more. Plus, the latest update now includes support for CSV format, enhancing compatibility and flexibility for users.
  2. Multilingual Support:
    • With support for 18 global languages, including English, French, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, and more, Polaris Office ensures accessibility and usability for users worldwide.
  3. Cloud Storage Integration:
    • Polaris Drive serves as the default cloud storage solution for Polaris Office, allowing users to access and sync their documents across multiple devices seamlessly. Additionally, integration with other popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive further enhances flexibility and accessibility.
  4. Compact Size and Compatibility:
    • Despite its robust capabilities, Polaris Office maintains a compact size of only 60 MB, making it lightweight and efficient for users to install and use on their devices. The app is fully compatible with devices running on Lollipop 5.0 and above, ensuring broad accessibility for users.
  5. Full Compatibility with Microsoft Office and PDF:
    • Polaris Office offers full compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Users can open, edit, and save documents in these formats directly from their Android devices, eliminating the need for additional software or converters.
  6. Creative Tools:
    • Enhance your creativity and productivity with Polaris Office’s creative tools, including handwriting input and drawing capabilities. Users can draw and edit ideas directly on their documents, as well as insert pictures and video clips from their Android devices for added versatility.
  7. Quick Access Across Devices:
    • Enjoy quick and easy access to your documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device with Polaris Office. Whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or Android phone, your documents are always up-to-date and synced via Polaris Drive or other cloud services.
  8. Collaboration Features:
    • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and peers by sharing documents via links and engaging in in-app communication for real-time collaboration. Users can leave comments, track changes, and discuss revisions before finalizing and printing documents.

With its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface, Polaris Office provides users with a complete office suite solution that meets the demands of modern document management. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative enthusiast, Polaris Office empowers you to work smarter, not harder, on your Android device.

Payment Plans and Subscription Options

Polaris Office offers flexible payment plans and subscription options to unlock additional features and premium functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of the available plans:

  1. Smart Plan:
    • Monthly Subscription: $3.99
    • Annual Subscription: $39.99
    • Features: Access to premium functions tailored to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  2. Pro Plan:
    • Monthly Subscription: $5.99
    • Annual Subscription: $59.99
    • Features: Advanced features and tools for power users seeking greater customization and control.
  3. AI Plan:
    • Monthly Subscription: $12.99
    • Annual Subscription: $129.99
    • Features: Cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities for automated tasks and personalized recommendations.
  4. AI-Plus Plan:
    • Monthly Subscription: $20.99
    • Annual Subscription: $209.99
    • Features: Comprehensive suite of AI-driven features, including advanced data analysis, predictive insights, and more.

Users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget, with the option to upgrade or downgrade at any time. Additionally, Polaris Office offers the option to remove advertisements for a one-time fee of $10.99.

Please note that recurring payments and plan subscriptions are automatically processed, and subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the next renewal date. Users can manage their subscriptions and cancel anytime within the Google Play Store app or Google Wallet.

Unlock the full potential of Polaris Office with a premium subscription and access exclusive features to elevate your productivity and streamline your document management tasks.

Permission Requirements

To provide users with a seamless and efficient document editing experience, Polaris Office requires certain permissions to access various functionalities. Here are the necessary permissions and their purposes:

  1. Necessary Permissions to Access:
    • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission allows Polaris Office to edit saved documents stored in the Android SD card or move documents from other storage locations to the SD card.
    • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission enables Polaris Office to read saved documents stored in the Android SD card.
  2. Selective Permissions to Access:
    • GET_ACCOUNTS: If users choose to connect to Google Drive, this permission is required to access and use their current Google account for cloud storage synchronization and file management.

These permissions are essential for Polaris Office to deliver its core functionalities effectively and ensure a smooth user experience. Rest assured that Polaris Office respects user privacy and only accesses the necessary data required to provide its services.

Security and Privacy

At Polaris Office, prioritize the security and privacy of users’ data to ensure a safe and trustworthy document editing environment. Here’s how safeguard your information:

  1. Secure Data Transmission and Storage:
    • utilize advanced encryption protocols to secure the transmission of data between your device and servers. Additionally, all documents stored on Polaris Drive or synced with other cloud services are encrypted to protect against unauthorized access.
  2. Strict Privacy Standards:
    • Polaris Office adheres to strict privacy standards and policies to safeguard user information. they do not access, collect, or share personal data unless explicitly provided by the user for the purpose of account registration or authentication.
  3. User Control and Consent:
    • Users have full control over their data and can choose to grant or revoke permissions for accessing certain features or cloud services. Polaris respect user consent and ensure transparency regarding the collection and use of personal information.
  4. Compliance with Regulations:
    • Polaris Office complies with relevant data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, to ensure that user data is handled responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Regular Security Updates:
    • continuously monitor and update security measures to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities. dedicated security team works diligently to identify and mitigate potential risks to safeguard user data.
  6. Transparent Privacy Policies:
    • privacy policies are transparent and easily accessible to users. Polaris provide clear information about data practices, including the types of data collected, how it is used, and the rights and options available to users regarding their personal information.

At Polaris Office, Polaris are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your data. Polaris strive to maintain the highest standards of security and privacy to provide you with a safe and reliable document editing experience. If you have any questions or concerns about security or privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

User Interface and Experience

Polaris Office offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive experience designed to enhance productivity and streamline document management tasks. Here’s what sets user interface apart:

  1. Intuitive Design:
    • Polaris Office features a clean and modern design with intuitive navigation menus and toolbar icons. Users can easily locate and access essential features and functionalities without any prior training or experience.
  2. Familiar Layout:
    • The layout of Polaris Office closely resembles popular desktop office suites, making it easy for users to transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile devices. Familiar icons and menus ensure a consistent user experience across platforms.
  3. Customization Options:
    • Users can personalize their workspace to suit their preferences and workflow. Polaris Office offers customization options for toolbar layouts, font styles, and color schemes, allowing users to create a workspace that feels comfortable and familiar.
  4. Multi-Window Support:
    • Polaris Office supports multi-window mode, enabling users to work on multiple documents simultaneously. This feature enhances multitasking capabilities and improves productivity by allowing users to switch between documents with ease.
  5. Optimized for Touchscreen Devices:
    • Polaris Office is optimized for touchscreen devices, providing smooth and responsive touch interactions. Users can navigate, select, and edit text with precision using touch gestures, ensuring a seamless editing experience on smartphones and tablets.
  6. Contextual Menus and Tooltips:
    • Contextual menus and tooltips provide helpful guidance and information to users as they navigate through the app. These interactive elements help users discover features and functionalities efficiently, reducing the learning curve for new users.
  7. Accessibility Features:
    • Polaris Office includes accessibility features such as screen reader support and high contrast modes to accommodate users with visual impairments or disabilities. These features ensure that all users can access and use the app effectively.

Overall, Polaris Office prioritizes user experience by offering a user-friendly interface, customizable workspace, and seamless navigation. Whether you’re creating documents, editing spreadsheets, or presenting slideshows, Polaris Office provides the tools you need to work efficiently and effectively on your mobile device.


In conclusion, Polaris Office stands as a versatile and reliable solution for users seeking an efficient and intuitive office suite for their Android devices. With an extensive range of features, including support for various file formats, multilingual capabilities, seamless cloud integration, and a compact yet powerful user interface, Polaris Office offers a comprehensive solution for document creation, editing, and management.

commitment to security and privacy ensures that users can work confidently, knowing that their data is protected with advanced encryption and strict privacy standards. Additionally, user-friendly interface and accessibility features cater to users of all backgrounds and abilities, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for everyone.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative enthusiast, Polaris Office empowers you to work smarter, not harder, and stay productive wherever you go. Join over 100 million users worldwide and experience the convenience and efficiency of Polaris Office today.

Download Polaris Office for free and unlock the full potential of your Android device for document editing and management. Elevate your productivity and streamline your workflow with Polaris Office – your all-in-one office suite solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Polaris Office?
    • Polaris Office is a comprehensive office suite app for Android devices, offering a wide range of features for document creation, editing, and management.
  2. What file formats does Polaris Office support?
    • Polaris Office supports various file formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, HWP, and more. Additionally, the app now supports CSV format for enhanced compatibility.
  3. Is Polaris Office compatible with cloud storage services?
    • Yes, Polaris Office integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services such as Polaris Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, allowing users to access and sync their documents across multiple devices.
  4. How much does Polaris Office cost?
    • Polaris Office is available for free download on the Google Play Store. However, certain features may be limited based on your subscription option or cloud usage. Users can upgrade to premium plans for access to additional features and functions.
  5. What are the available subscription options for Polaris Office?
    • Polaris Office offers subscription plans such as the Smart Plan, Pro Plan, AI Plan, and AI-Plus Plan, each with different pricing and features. Users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.
  6. How can I cancel my Polaris Office subscription?
    • Users can cancel their Polaris Office subscription at any time within 24 hours before the next renewal date. Subscription cancellation is available within the Google Play Store app or Google Wallet.
  7. Is my data secure with Polaris Office?
    • Yes, Polaris Office prioritizes the security and privacy of user data. The app employs advanced encryption protocols to secure data transmission and storage, and strict privacy standards to protect user information.
  8. Where can I find more information about Polaris Office?
    • Users can visit the official Polaris Office website for additional information, including support resources, privacy policies, and terms of use.
    • Fixed the errors and improved the usability based on the users’ feedback.
    • Polaris Office consider customers' feedback to be important!
    • Please give us your feedback to provide better service to you.

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