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Panels sidebar Pro Mod APK v1.442 (Pro Unlocked)

Panels sidebar, edge gestures
App NamePanels sidebar, edge gestures
Latest Versionv1.442
Last Updated
Publisherfossor coding
Requirements Android 7.0+Android7.0+
Size4 MB
ModsPro Features Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (957) Votes

4.4 Rating (957 Votes )
Price: $ 0
    • Pro Features Unlocked
    • Billing Implementation Removed
    • Ads Implementation Removed
    • Analytics Implementation Removed
    • Google Measurement Removed
    • Data Transport Removed
    • Firebase Stuff Removed
    • OpenCensus Removed
    • Compression Flags Untouched
    • No Third Party Patch/Hook/Code
    • No Additional Component
    • Dex Files Size Reduction Rate: 46%
    • Size: 4.4 MB
    • Release by Kirlif'
    Note: two mods are proposed:
      • with local backup feature only ; for all devices
      • with GDrive backup for rooted devices only:
    • signature check must be disabled to perform its installation
A customizable sidebar-launcher with apps, shortcuts, widgets, gestures and more

Introduction to Panels sidebar Pro Mod APK

Panels Sidebar represents a revolutionary approach to mobile productivity, offering a highly customizable edge screen launcher that transforms the way users interact with their smartphones. With Panels, accessing favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, and widgets becomes a seamless experience, eliminating the need for cumbersome scrolling through multiple launcher pages and settings menus.

Designed to boost multitasking and productivity, Panels Sidebar provides a quick and intuitive access point for all essential tools and features. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, Panels empowers users to manage tasks efficiently and make the most of every moment.

What sets Panels apart from other sidebar apps is its unparalleled level of customization. Users have full control over the layout, size, color, and position of each panel, allowing for a tailored experience that perfectly suits individual preferences. Additionally, Panels offers extensive gesture customization, enabling users to set unique gestures for any app, contact, panel, or tool.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the features and functionalities of Panels Sidebar, exploring how it enhances multitasking, boosts productivity, and transforms the mobile user experience.

Features of Panels Sidebar

Panels Sidebar is not just a launcher; it’s a dynamic and highly customizable edge screen that redefines the way you navigate and interact with your Android device. Here’s a comprehensive look at the standout features that make Panels the most customizable sidebar on the market:

  1. Multitasking and Productivity Booster:
    • Streamlined access to favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, and widgets for enhanced multitasking.
    • Say goodbye to scrolling through launcher pages – simply swipe the edge screen for quick access.
  2. Compatibility with Any Launcher:
    • Panels seamlessly integrates with any launcher, ensuring compatibility with various Android setups.
  3. One-Hand Operation with Intuitive Gestures:
    • Designed for one-handed use, Panels offers intuitive gestures that make navigation a breeze.
  4. Always-On-Top Launcher on the Edge:
    • The edge screen remains accessible at all times, providing a persistent launcher for instant access.
  5. Quick Access to Apps and Shortcuts:
    • Effortlessly add and access your favorite apps and shortcuts for quick task execution.
  6. Edge Screen Gestures:
    • Customize edge screen gestures to trigger specific actions or launch individual items with ease.
  7. Folders for App Organization:
    • Group similar apps together using built-in folders for a more organized and efficient layout.
  8. Website Shortcuts:
    • Create shortcuts to your favorite websites, enabling quick access to online content.
  9. Widgets on the Edge of Your Screen:
    • Incorporate widgets directly into the edge screen for instant information and functionality.
  10. Floating Widgets:
    • Launch widgets in a separate window on top of other apps, minimizing them to icon size when not in use.
  11. A-Z App Drawer:
    • Access an A-Z app drawer with a single tap, providing the quickest way to launch installed apps.
  12. Contacts Integration:
    • Add favorite contacts to the sidebar for swift access to phone, SMS, email apps, WhatsApp, and Viber.
  13. Notification Badges:
    • Long-press any app icon to preview notifications, ensuring you stay informed at a glance.
  14. Accessibility Shortcuts:
    • Quick access to system preferences, including Home, Back, Recent, Power, Screenshot (Android P+), Lock screen (Android P+), and more.
  15. Adjustable Item Count:
    • Customize the number of items displayed, adjusting the position, rows, and columns to suit your preferences.
  16. Custom Colors:
    • Personalize each panel with custom colors, allowing you to create a visually appealing and unique interface.
  17. Position – Left, Right, Bottom:
    • Choose the edge screen’s position, placing it on the left, right, or bottom of your screen for optimal convenience.
  18. Icon Pack Support:
    • Download and apply any Icon Pack from the Play Store with a single click or customize individual icons to match your style.
  19. Auto-Start on Boot:
    • Ensure Panels launches automatically with device startup for uninterrupted access.
  20. Blacklist:
    • Customize the blacklist to manage apps and ensure Panels operates seamlessly.
  21. Backup Locally or Using Drive:
    • Secure your customized setup by backing up locally or using Google Drive for easy retrieval.
  22. Automation Apps Support:
    • Launch individual panels using shortcuts from any third-party automation tool.
  23. Dark Theme Support:
    • Opt for a dark theme to complement your device’s aesthetic and reduce eye strain in low-light environments.

Panels Sidebar delivers an unparalleled level of customization and functionality, catering to users seeking a personalized and efficient mobile experience. Whether you’re a power user, a multitasker, or someone who values a clean and organized interface, Panels transforms the way you interact with your Android device.

Accessibility API Information

Panels Sidebar leverages the Accessibility Service to enhance user experience and functionality, particularly in scenarios where precise interactions and accessibility shortcuts are required. Here’s a brief overview of the Accessibility API integration within Panels:

  1. Determining Current Top App:
    • The Accessibility Service is utilized to determine the current top app when using the blacklist feature. This ensures seamless integration with the device’s active applications and prevents interference with user-selected apps.
  2. Accessibility Shortcuts:
    • Accessibility shortcuts, including Home, Back, Recent, Power, Screenshot (Android P+), Lock screen (Android P+), and more, are accessible via Panels Sidebar. These shortcuts provide convenient access to essential system functions, enhancing overall usability and accessibility.
  3. User Data Usage and Collection:
    • It’s important to note that no user data is used or collected during the operation of Panels Sidebar’s Accessibility Service. The service is solely utilized to facilitate specific features and interactions within the app, with a focus on enhancing user accessibility and functionality.

Panels Sidebar is committed to adhering to best practices and guidelines for Accessibility API integration, ensuring that users with diverse needs and preferences can fully benefit from its features and capabilities. By leveraging the Accessibility Service responsibly, Panels enhances usability, accessibility, and overall user experience on Android devices.


In conclusion, Panels Sidebar emerges as a versatile and highly customizable edge screen launcher, offering a plethora of features and functionalities to enhance mobile productivity and accessibility. With its intuitive interface, intuitive gestures, and seamless integration with any launcher, Panels revolutionizes the way users interact with their Android devices.

By providing quick access to favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, and widgets, Panels streamlines multitasking and boosts productivity, allowing users to accomplish tasks with ease. Its extensive customization options, including adjustable item counts, custom colors, and icon pack support, ensure that users can tailor their experience to suit their unique preferences and workflow.

Furthermore, Panels prioritizes accessibility by leveraging the Accessibility Service to facilitate precise interactions and accessibility shortcuts. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that all users, regardless of their needs or abilities, can fully benefit from the app’s features and capabilities.

In a world where mobile devices play an increasingly integral role in our daily lives, Panels Sidebar stands out as a powerful tool for optimizing efficiency, organization, and accessibility on Android devices. Whether you’re a power user seeking to maximize productivity or an individual with specific accessibility needs, Panels offers a customizable and intuitive solution to elevate your mobile experience.

  • 1.442
    • Updated folder icon. Added 2 trigger intents
    • Tweaks and Bug fixes
    • Further support for dynamic wallpaper colors
    • Quick search - apps, contacts, settings. Can be set directly via gestures
    • View section UI changes
    • Search function when adding apps, shortcuts or widgets Blur background (Only supported by high-end devices)
    • Native WhatsApp shortcuts should be working now

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