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PictureThis - Plant Identifier
App NamePictureThis - Plant Identifier
Latest Versionv3.82
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PublisherGlority Global Group Ltd.
Requirements Android 9Android9
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4 Rating (499 Votes )
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Identify plants, trees, flowers; care reminders; plant disease auto-diagnosis

Introduction to PictureThis Premium Mod APK

PictureThis revolutionizes the way we interact with the botanical world, offering a powerful tool for plant identification and care. With the ability to identify over 1,000,000 plant species daily with an impressive 98% accuracy rate, PictureThis surpasses the expertise of many human experts. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a curious nature enthusiast, or a novice plant parent, PictureThis empowers you to deepen your connection with the plant kingdom.

Gone are the days of uncertainty when encountering a beautiful plant during a leisurely stroll. PictureThis puts the knowledge of a botanist in the palm of your hand, allowing you to snap a photo of any plant and receive instant identification along with comprehensive information. From identifying the flora in your surroundings to enriching your children’s understanding of plants, PictureThis serves as your botanical companion, answering all your gardening questions with ease.

But PictureThis is more than just a plant identifier. It’s a comprehensive tool for plant care, offering valuable insights and reminders to ensure the health and vitality of your green companions. With features like plant disease auto-diagnosis, care tips, reminders for watering and fertilizing, and expert consultation, PictureThis empowers you to become a confident and capable plant parent.

Join the PictureThis community today and embark on a journey of botanical discovery and nurturing. Whether you’re seeking to identify plants, diagnose diseases, or receive expert advice, PictureThis is your trusted partner in all things botanical. With PictureThis, you’ll not only cultivate a thriving indoor and outdoor garden but also deepen your appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

How PictureThis Works

PictureThis employs cutting-edge technology to provide seamless plant identification and care assistance. Here’s how it works:

  1. Snap a Photo:
    • Simply take a photo of any plant, flower, herb, or tree using the PictureThis app.
  2. Identification Engine:
    • PictureThis utilizes a revolutionary plant identification engine capable of recognizing over 1,000,000 plant species with an impressive accuracy rate of 98%.
  3. Instant Results:
    • Within moments, PictureThis analyzes the photo and provides you with the plant’s name, along with detailed information about its characteristics, habitat, and care requirements.
  4. Plant Care Tips:
    • In addition to identification, PictureThis offers valuable plant care tips tailored to the specific needs of the identified plant. Receive step-by-step instructions on watering, fertilizing, pruning, and more to ensure the health and vitality of your greenery.
  5. Disease Diagnosis:
    • Concerned about a sick plant? PictureThis has you covered. Simply upload a photo of the afflicted plant, and PictureThis will auto-diagnose the disease and provide treatment recommendations, acting as your personal plant doctor.
  6. Expert Consultation:
    • Need further assistance? Engage in one-on-one consultations with trained experts available round-the-clock. Receive comprehensive plant care advice and treatment recommendations from the comfort of your smartphone.
  7. Safety Features:
    • PictureThis also includes safety features such as toxic plant warnings, helping you identify potentially harmful plants and keep your pets, children, and family safe.
  8. Plant Collection Management:
    • Keep track of all the plants you identify with PictureThis, building your own digital plant collection and wishlist for future reference.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, PictureThis empowers users to effortlessly identify, care for, and learn about plants, fostering a deeper connection with the botanical world. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice enthusiast, PictureThis is your indispensable companion in all things botanical.

Plant Identification Power

PictureThis boasts an unparalleled ability to identify a vast array of plants with remarkable accuracy, making it a standout tool for botanical enthusiasts. Here’s how its plant identification power sets it apart:

  1. Extensive Database:
    • PictureThis taps into a comprehensive database containing information on over 1,000,000 plant species, providing users with an extensive resource for plant identification.
  2. High Accuracy Rate:
    • With a staggering 98% accuracy rate, PictureThis outperforms many human experts in plant identification, ensuring reliable and precise results with every use.
  3. User-Friendly Interface:
    • PictureThis offers a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users of all levels to easily capture and upload photos for identification without any technical expertise required.
  4. Instant Results:
    • Users receive instant results upon uploading a photo, with PictureThis swiftly analyzing the image and providing the plant’s name along with detailed information about its characteristics and habitat.
  5. Versatile Recognition:
    • PictureThis can identify a wide range of plant types, including flowers, herbs, trees, and more, catering to the diverse interests and needs of its users.
  6. Continuous Improvement:
    • PictureThis continually refines its identification algorithms and expands its database to ensure that users have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information.
  7. Real-Time Assistance:
    • Whether you’re exploring nature trails, visiting botanical gardens, or tending to your own garden at home, PictureThis is on hand to provide instant plant identification assistance wherever and whenever you need it.

With its unparalleled plant identification power, PictureThis empowers users to confidently explore the natural world, identify unfamiliar plants, and deepen their understanding of botanical diversity. Whether you’re a seasoned botanist, an amateur gardener, or simply curious about the plants around you, PictureThis is your ultimate companion for unlocking the secrets of the plant kingdom.

Plant Care Assistance

PictureThis goes beyond mere identification, offering comprehensive assistance to ensure the health and vitality of your plants. Here’s how it helps you care for your green companions:

  1. Plant Care Tips & Reminders:
    • Receive personalized care instructions tailored to the specific needs of each plant you identify. PictureThis provides step-by-step guidance on watering, fertilizing, pruning, and other essential tasks to help your plants thrive.
  2. Timely Reminders:
    • Never forget to care for your plants again with PictureThis’ timely reminders. Set notifications for watering, fertilizing, misting, cleaning, repotting, and more, ensuring that your plants receive the attention they need to flourish.
  3. Light Meter:
    • Monitor your plant’s sunlight exposure with the built-in light meter feature. PictureThis tracks the amount of sunlight your plant receives, helping you optimize its placement for optimal growth.
  4. Plant Disease Diagnosis:
    • Concerned about a sick plant? PictureThis acts as your personal plant doctor, allowing you to upload photos of diseased plants for auto-diagnosis. Receive instant identification of plant diseases and access treatment recommendations to restore your plant’s health.
  5. Expert Consultation:
    • Gain access to expert advice whenever you need it. PictureThis offers one-on-one consultations with trained professionals who can provide comprehensive plant care guidance and treatment advice around the clock.
  6. Toxic Plant Warning:
    • Keep your family and pets safe with PictureThis’ toxic plant warning feature. Identify potentially harmful plants in your surroundings and receive warnings to prevent accidental ingestion or contact.

With its array of plant care assistance features, PictureThis empowers users to nurture healthy and thriving plants with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice plant parent, PictureThis is your indispensable companion for cultivating a green and vibrant indoor and outdoor garden.

Safety Features

PictureThis prioritizes the safety of its users and their loved ones by incorporating robust safety features. Here’s how PictureThis keeps you informed and protected:

  1. Toxic Plant Warning:
    • Identify potentially harmful plants in your surroundings with PictureThis’ toxic plant warning feature. Receive alerts and warnings about toxic plants to help prevent accidental ingestion or contact, ensuring the safety of your family and pets.
  2. Safety Recommendations:
    • PictureThis provides safety recommendations and guidelines to help you navigate potential hazards posed by toxic plants. Stay informed about the risks associated with specific plant species and take appropriate precautions to minimize harm.
  3. Educational Resources:
    • Access educational resources within PictureThis to learn more about toxic plants and their effects on humans and animals. Equip yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions about plant safety and handling.
  4. Community Support:
    • Engage with the PictureThis community to share insights, experiences, and safety tips related to plant toxicity. Connect with fellow users to exchange information and support one another in creating safe and healthy environments.
  5. Continuous Updates:
    • PictureThis continuously updates its database and safety features to provide users with the latest information and recommendations. Stay informed about new developments and emerging risks in the botanical world to safeguard yourself and your loved ones effectively.

With its comprehensive safety features, PictureThis empowers users to enjoy the beauty of plants while minimizing potential risks and hazards. Whether you’re exploring nature, gardening at home, or simply admiring plants in your surroundings, PictureThis helps ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Managing Your Plant Collection

PictureThis offers a convenient way to keep track of all the plants you encounter and care for, allowing you to organize and manage your plant collection effortlessly. Here’s how PictureThis helps you manage your plant collection:

  1. Plant Identification Archive:
    • PictureThis serves as a digital archive for all the plants you identify using the app. Each identification is logged and stored within the app, allowing you to easily reference previously identified plants at any time.
  2. Plant Details and Records:
    • Access detailed information about each plant in your collection, including its name, characteristics, care requirements, and any notes you’ve added. Keep track of important details to ensure proper care and maintenance.
  3. Wishlist Creation:
    • Build a wishlist of plants you wish to add to your collection in the future. Browse through PictureThis’ extensive database, discover new plant species, and add them to your wishlist for future reference.
  4. Organization and Sorting:
    • Organize your plant collection by categorizing plants based on various criteria such as species, location, care requirements, or personal preferences. Sort plants into custom folders or lists to keep your collection well-organized and easy to navigate.
  5. Tracking Growth and Progress:
    • Monitor the growth and progress of your plants over time by adding photos and notes to their records. Track milestones such as new growth, flowering, or changes in appearance to observe your plants’ development.
  6. Sharing and Collaboration:
    • Share your plant collection with friends, family, or fellow gardening enthusiasts. Collaborate on plant identification, exchange care tips, and inspire one another with your shared passion for plants.
  7. Integration with Other Platforms:
    • Seamlessly integrate your plant collection with other gardening platforms or social media networks. Share photos and updates about your plants across different platforms to connect with a wider community of plant enthusiasts.

With its comprehensive plant management features, PictureThis empowers you to curate and maintain a thriving plant collection with ease. Whether you’re a dedicated gardener, a plant enthusiast, or a novice plant parent, PictureThis provides the tools you need to nurture your green companions and cultivate a fulfilling botanical journey.

Additional Features

PictureThis offers a range of additional features to enhance your botanical experience and deepen your connection with plants. Here are some notable features:

  1. Plant Recommendation:
    • Receive personalized recommendations for your next plant purchase based on factors such as your gardening skills, available space, and preferences. Make informed decisions about adding new plants to your collection with PictureThis’ expert guidance.
  2. Community Engagement:
    • Connect with a vibrant community of plant enthusiasts within the PictureThis app. Share photos, exchange gardening tips, and learn from fellow users’ experiences to enrich your plant journey.
  3. Educational Resources:
    • Access a wealth of educational resources within PictureThis to expand your knowledge of plants, gardening techniques, and botany. Learn about plant care, propagation methods, indoor gardening tips, and more to become a confident and knowledgeable plant parent.
  4. Seasonal Tips and Trends:
    • Stay informed about seasonal gardening trends and receive timely tips for caring for your plants throughout the year. PictureThis keeps you up-to-date with the latest gardening practices and trends to help you maintain healthy and thriving plants.
  5. Plant Photography Tools:
    • Enhance your plant photography skills with PictureThis’ built-in tools and features. Capture stunning photos of your plants, experiment with different angles and lighting conditions, and share your botanical masterpieces with the world.
  6. Gardening Projects and Challenges:
    • Participate in gardening projects, challenges, and events organized within the PictureThis community. Engage in fun and rewarding activities, collaborate with other users, and showcase your gardening achievements.
  7. Plant Identification Games:
    • Test your plant knowledge and identification skills with interactive games and quizzes available within the PictureThis app. Challenge yourself to identify plants from photos, learn interesting facts, and earn rewards as you progress.
  8. Integration with Smart Devices:
    • Seamlessly integrate PictureThis with smart gardening devices and sensors to enhance your gardening experience. Monitor soil moisture levels, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to ensure optimal growing conditions for your plants.

With its diverse range of additional features, PictureThis offers a holistic and immersive botanical experience for users of all levels. Whether you’re seeking plant recommendations, community engagement, educational resources, or photography tools, PictureThis has something to offer to enrich your plant journey.


PictureThis isn’t just a plant identification app; it’s a comprehensive botanical companion that empowers users to explore, care for, and connect with the natural world in meaningful ways. With its unmatched plant identification accuracy, personalized care assistance, and robust community engagement features, PictureThis revolutionizes the way we interact with plants.

From identifying unfamiliar plants during a leisurely stroll to receiving expert advice on plant care and gardening projects, PictureThis is your go-to resource for all things botanical. Its user-friendly interface, educational resources, and innovative features make it accessible and enjoyable for users of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a plant enthusiast, or a curious nature lover.

Join the PictureThis community today and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and growth as you deepen your connection with the plant kingdom. With PictureThis by your side, every plant encounter becomes an opportunity for exploration, education, and appreciation. Start your botanical adventure with PictureThis and watch your love for plants blossom like never before.

  • Thanks for exploring the world of plants with PictureThis. In this update, we polished the designs of some screens and fixed a few minor bugs to make your plant care and identification experience as delightful as possible. Update now and enjoy!

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