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Memrise Premium Mod APK v2024.02.13.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Memrise: speak a new language
App NameMemrise: speak a new language
Latest Versionv2024.02.13.0
Last Updated
Requirements Android 8.0Android8.0
Size30 MB
ModsPremium Unlocked
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4.5 Rating (481) Votes

4.5 Rating (481 Votes )
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    • Premium / Paid features unlocked;
    • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
    • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
    • Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from Android.manifest;
    • Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
    • Ads layouts visibility disabled;
    • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
    • Debug code removed;
    • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
    • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
    • Languages: Full Multi Languages;
    • CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
    • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
    • Original package signature changed;
    • Release by Balatan.
Learn to have conversations about the things that are most important to you!

Introduction to Memrise Premium Mod APK

Memrise is a dynamic and immersive language learning platform designed to make learning enjoyable and effective. It stands out for its innovative approach, blending science-backed techniques with engaging content to help users grasp new languages with ease.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your language skills, Memrise offers a diverse range of courses tailored to different proficiency levels and learning goals. With its user-friendly interface and interactive learning modes, Memrise makes language learning accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience.

One of Memrise’s key features is its focus on vocabulary acquisition and retention through spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques. By presenting words and phrases in context and employing visual aids and audio cues, Memrise helps learners build a strong foundation in their target language while keeping them engaged and motivated.

Moreover, Memrise fosters a sense of community among its users, offering opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and friendly competition. Whether you’re practicing pronunciation with native speakers or participating in language challenges, Memrise provides a supportive and interactive learning environment.

In this introduction to Memrise, we’ll explore its features, learning modes, course offerings, and tips for effective language learning. Whether you’re embarking on a new language journey or looking to enhance your linguistic skills, Memrise is your gateway to language proficiency in a fun and engaging way.

Learning Modes

Memrise offers a variety of learning modes tailored to different learning styles and preferences. These modes are designed to accommodate various skill levels and help users effectively acquire and retain new vocabulary and language concepts. Here’s an overview of the main learning modes available on Memrise:

  1. Standard Learning Mode: In this mode, users are presented with vocabulary words, phrases, or grammar concepts along with their translations or explanations. Users can practice listening, reading, and speaking skills by reviewing flashcards, completing exercises, and engaging in interactive activities.
  2. Difficult Words Mode: This mode focuses specifically on reinforcing words or phrases that users have found challenging or struggled to remember in previous sessions. Memrise identifies these difficult words based on user performance and provides targeted practice to help reinforce learning and improve retention.
  3. Listening Skills Mode: Listening Skills Mode emphasizes auditory comprehension by presenting users with audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing words or phrases. Users are then prompted to transcribe what they hear or select the correct translation from multiple-choice options, helping improve listening and comprehension skills.
  4. Review Mode: Review Mode prompts users to review previously learned words and phrases at regular intervals using spaced repetition. Memrise employs algorithms to determine the optimal timing for reviewing each item based on the user’s performance and retention rate, ensuring efficient and effective long-term learning.
  5. Speed Review Mode: Speed Review Mode is a fast-paced review activity where users are challenged to quickly recall and select the correct translations or meanings of words before a timer runs out. This mode helps reinforce vocabulary retention and improve recall speed through rapid-fire practice.
  6. Learn with Locals Mode: Learn with Locals Mode provides users with video clips of native speakers conversing in their language, allowing users to observe natural language usage, intonation, and pronunciation in context. This immersive experience helps users develop conversational skills and cultural understanding.
  7. Grammarbot Mode (Pro Feature): Grammarbot Mode, available to Memrise Pro subscribers, offers interactive grammar lessons and exercises to help users master grammar rules and concepts. Through targeted practice and explanations, users can reinforce their understanding of grammar and apply it in real-life contexts.

By offering a range of learning modes, Memrise caters to diverse learning preferences and provides users with the flexibility to choose the approach that best suits their needs. Whether you prefer visual learning, auditory reinforcement, or interactive practice, Memrise offers a variety of tools and activities to support your language learning journey.

Course Structure and Progress Tracking

Memrise employs a structured approach to language learning, providing users with organized courses designed to facilitate gradual progression and mastery of language skills. Additionally, robust progress tracking tools enable users to monitor their learning journey and stay motivated. Here’s an overview of Memrise’s course structure and progress tracking features:

  1. Units and Levels: Courses on Memrise are typically divided into units or levels, each focusing on specific themes, topics, or language skills. Users progress through these units sequentially, gradually building upon their knowledge and proficiency as they advance.
  2. Lesson Content: Within each unit, lessons consist of vocabulary words, phrases, grammar concepts, and cultural insights relevant to the target language. Memrise presents this content in various formats, including interactive flashcards, audio recordings, videos, and example sentences, to cater to different learning styles.
  3. Learning Objectives: Memrise clearly outlines the learning objectives and goals for each course, providing users with a roadmap for their language learning journey. Users can track their progress toward these objectives and celebrate milestones as they achieve proficiency in different language skills.
  4. Progress Tracking Tools: Memrise offers comprehensive progress tracking tools that allow users to monitor their learning activity, performance, and proficiency levels. Users can view statistics such as time spent learning, number of words mastered, and overall course progress to gauge their learning effectiveness.
  5. Review and Reinforcement: Memrise employs spaced repetition algorithms to optimize learning retention and reinforce previously learned material. Users are prompted to review words and phrases at strategically spaced intervals based on their performance, ensuring long-term retention and mastery.
  6. Achievements and Rewards: Memrise incentivizes learning and engagement through achievements, badges, and rewards for completing lessons, reaching milestones, and consistently practicing. These gamification elements motivate users to stay committed to their language learning goals and celebrate their progress along the way.
  7. Customizable Learning Paths: Users have the flexibility to customize their learning paths based on their interests, proficiency levels, and learning goals. Memrise offers a wide range of courses covering different languages, dialects, and topics, allowing users to tailor their learning experience to suit their preferences.
  8. Sync Across Devices: Memrise synchronizes learning progress across multiple devices, enabling users to seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile platforms without losing their progress. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility, allowing users to learn anytime, anywhere.

By offering structured courses and robust progress tracking tools, Memrise empowers users to take control of their language learning journey and achieve their goals effectively. Whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or an advanced learner refining your skills, Memrise provides the resources and support you need to succeed in mastering a new language.

Memrise Pro Features

Memrise Pro offers a range of premium features and exclusive content designed to enhance the language learning experience and accelerate progress. Subscribing to Memrise Pro unlocks access to advanced tools, personalized learning options, and additional content not available in the free version. Here’s an overview of Memrise Pro’s key features:

  1. Offline Learning Mode: Memrise Pro allows users to download course content for offline learning, enabling uninterrupted study sessions without the need for an internet connection. This feature is ideal for users who want to learn on the go or in areas with limited connectivity.
  2. Grammarbot Mode: Memrise Pro includes Grammarbot Mode, which provides interactive grammar lessons and exercises to help users master grammar rules and concepts. With Grammarbot, users receive personalized feedback and explanations to reinforce their understanding of grammar.
  3. Advanced Listening Skills: Memrise Pro offers advanced listening practice exercises, allowing users to hone their listening comprehension skills through challenging audio tasks. These exercises feature native speakers and authentic language content to provide a realistic learning experience.
  4. Speed Review: Memrise Pro unlocks Speed Review, a fast-paced review activity that tests users’ recall speed and accuracy. In Speed Review mode, users race against the clock to select the correct translations or meanings of words, helping reinforce vocabulary retention and improve response times.
  5. Learn with Locals: Memrise Pro provides access to Learn with Locals, a feature that offers video clips of native speakers conversing in their language. By observing natural language usage, intonation, and pronunciation in context, users can improve their conversational skills and cultural understanding.
  6. Ad-Free Experience: Memrise Pro offers an ad-free learning experience, eliminating distractions and interruptions during study sessions. Users can focus solely on their language learning goals without being interrupted by advertisements.
  7. Priority Support: Memrise Pro subscribers receive priority customer support, ensuring timely assistance and resolution of any issues or inquiries. Whether users have questions about course content, technical issues, or account management, they receive prompt support from Memrise’s dedicated team.
  8. Extended Learning Statistics: Memrise Pro provides access to extended learning statistics, allowing users to track their progress in greater detail. Users can view advanced metrics such as time spent learning, proficiency levels, and performance trends to gain insights into their learning habits and areas for improvement.

By offering these premium features, Memrise Pro enhances the language learning experience and provides users with additional tools and resources to accelerate their progress. Whether users are looking for offline learning options, personalized feedback, or advanced practice activities, Memrise Pro delivers a comprehensive solution for mastering a new language effectively.

Memrise for Specific Languages

Memrise offers a wide range of language courses tailored to specific languages, dialects, and proficiency levels. Each course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction and practice in the target language, with content curated by language experts and native speakers. Here’s how Memrise caters to learners of specific languages:

  1. Language-Specific Courses: Memrise offers courses for numerous languages, including popular languages like Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese, as well as less commonly studied languages and dialects. Each course is tailored to the unique characteristics and challenges of the target language, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for learners.
  2. Pronunciation and Accent Training: Memrise places a strong emphasis on pronunciation and accent training, providing audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing words and phrases in their language. Learners can listen to these recordings, mimic the pronunciation, and practice until they achieve accurate pronunciation and intonation.
  3. Cultural Insights and Context: In addition to language instruction, Memrise courses often include cultural insights and context to help learners understand the cultural nuances and background of the target language. This holistic approach to language learning enhances learners’ cultural awareness and facilitates deeper comprehension and appreciation of the language.
  4. Regional Variations and Dialects: Memrise recognizes that languages often have regional variations and dialects, each with its own unique vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar rules. To accommodate learners interested in specific regional variations, Memrise offers courses that focus on regional dialects or variations of languages, allowing learners to tailor their learning experience accordingly.
  5. Specialized Vocabulary: Memrise courses cover a wide range of vocabulary topics, including everyday conversation, travel phrases, business terminology, and specialized vocabulary for specific fields or industries. Learners can choose courses that align with their interests, goals, or professional needs, ensuring that they acquire relevant and practical language skills.
  6. Language-Specific Challenges: Memrise recognizes that each language presents its own set of challenges for learners, such as grammar structures, writing systems, or pronunciation rules. To address these challenges, Memrise courses incorporate language-specific learning strategies, mnemonic techniques, and practice activities tailored to the unique characteristics of each language.

Whether you’re interested in mastering a widely spoken language, delving into a less commonly studied language, or exploring regional variations and dialects, Memrise offers a diverse range of language courses to suit your needs. With its immersive content, interactive activities, and expert instruction, Memrise provides an effective and engaging platform for learning languages of all types.

Integration with Other Platforms

Memrise offers integration with various platforms and tools to enhance the language learning experience and provide users with additional resources and support. These integrations allow users to seamlessly incorporate Memrise into their existing learning routines and access content across different platforms. Here’s how Memrise integrates with other platforms:

  1. Browser Extensions: Memrise provides browser extensions for popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions allow users to access Memrise directly from their browser, enabling quick access to learning content, vocabulary review, and progress tracking without having to navigate to the Memrise website separately.
  2. Mobile Apps: Memrise offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to learn on the go and access course content from their smartphones or tablets. The mobile apps feature the same content and functionality as the web platform, including offline learning mode, progress tracking, and interactive learning activities.
  3. Synchronization Across Devices: Memrise synchronizes user data and progress across multiple devices, ensuring that learning progress is seamlessly maintained regardless of the platform or device used. Users can start a lesson on one device and continue from where they left off on another device, providing flexibility and convenience in learning.
  4. Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): Memrise offers integration with learning management systems commonly used in educational settings. This integration allows educators to incorporate Memrise courses into their curriculum, assign courses to students, and track student progress within their LMS platform.
  5. API and Developer Tools: Memrise provides an API (Application Programming Interface) and developer tools that allow developers to create custom integrations with Memrise. This enables third-party developers to build apps, extensions, and tools that enhance the Memrise learning experience or integrate Memrise functionality into other platforms and services.
  6. Social Media Sharing: Memrise allows users to share their learning progress, achievements, and experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This integration facilitates social learning experiences, encourages peer support, and fosters a sense of community among Memrise users.

By offering seamless integration with other platforms and tools, Memrise ensures that users can access learning content wherever they are and incorporate language learning into their daily routines. Whether users prefer to learn on their computer, smartphone, or through other online platforms, Memrise provides the flexibility and accessibility needed to support diverse learning preferences and lifestyles.


In conclusion, Memrise stands as a versatile and comprehensive language learning platform that caters to learners of all levels, interests, and preferences. With its structured courses, engaging content, and innovative features, Memrise provides an effective and enjoyable learning experience for users seeking to master a new language.

Through its diverse range of courses, Memrise offers tailored instruction for specific languages, dialects, and proficiency levels, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for learners of all backgrounds. From pronunciation practice to cultural insights, Memrise provides a holistic approach to language learning that goes beyond vocabulary acquisition to foster true language proficiency and fluency.

Memrise’s integration with other platforms, including browser extensions, mobile apps, and learning management systems, enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate language learning into their daily routines and access content across multiple devices.

Moreover, Memrise’s commitment to innovation is evident in its use of technology, such as spaced repetition algorithms, interactive learning modes, and personalized feedback mechanisms, to optimize learning outcomes and maximize retention.

In essence, Memrise empowers users to embark on a language learning journey that is engaging, effective, and tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or an advanced learner refining your skills, Memrise provides the tools, resources, and support you need to achieve your language learning goals and unlock new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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