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Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
App NameStrava: Run, Bike, Hike
Latest Versionv358.11
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4.3 Rating (497) Votes

4.3 Rating (497 Votes )
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Track your active life in one place and share the journey with friends.

Introduction to Strava Premium Mod APK

Strava is not just an app; it’s a thriving community of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts united by their passion for fitness and adventure. At its core, Strava is a social network designed specifically for runners, cyclists, hikers, and other athletes to connect, share, and celebrate their activities.

What sets Strava apart is its seamless integration of GPS tracking technology with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to record and analyze their workouts with unparalleled detail. Whether you’re logging miles on the road, tackling trails in the mountains, or cycling through the city streets, Strava captures every moment of your journey, from start to finish.

But Strava is more than just a tool for tracking workouts; it’s a platform for inspiration, motivation, and camaraderie. With features like leaderboards, segment challenges, and virtual clubs, users can compete with friends, challenge themselves, and find support from like-minded individuals around the globe.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to make the most of your Strava experience, from getting started with the app to unlocking its advanced features. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to take your training to the next level or a beginner just starting your fitness journey, Strava is your ultimate companion for adventure, performance, and community.

Exploring Strava’s Interface:

When you open the Strava app, you’re greeted with a clean and intuitive interface designed to make tracking and analyzing your activities a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of the main sections you’ll find within the app:

  1. Home Screen:
    • The home screen serves as your dashboard, displaying a personalized feed of activities from friends, clubs, and athletes you follow.
    • Here, you can see recent activity updates, achievements, and challenges.
  2. Navigation Bar:
    • Located at the bottom of the screen, the navigation bar provides quick access to essential sections of the app:
      • Feed: Displays recent activity updates from your network.
      • Explore: Allows you to discover popular routes, segments, and challenges in your area or around the world.
      • Record: This is where you start recording your own activities, whether it’s a run, bike ride, hike, or other outdoor pursuit.
      • Challenges: Shows ongoing challenges you can participate in to push yourself and stay motivated.
      • Profile: Access your personal profile, activity history, achievements, and settings.
  3. Activity Feed:
    • The activity feed is a chronological list of updates from athletes you follow, including their workouts, achievements, and comments.
    • You can like, comment, and give kudos to activities to show support and encouragement to your friends and fellow athletes.
  4. Explore Section:
    • In the Explore section, you can discover new routes, segments, and challenges based on your location or interests.
    • Find popular trails, cycling routes, and running paths recommended by the Strava community.
    • Explore segments to see leaderboards and track your progress against other athletes.
  5. Record Activity:
    • The Record section is where you start tracking your own activities.
    • Choose your activity type (run, ride, hike, etc.), then tap the record button to start tracking your route, distance, pace, and other metrics using GPS.
  6. Profile:
    • Your profile is where you can view and manage your personal information, activity history, and achievements.
    • See your total distance, elevation gain, and other stats.
    • Customize your profile settings, privacy preferences, and notification options.

Strava’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to focus on your workouts while easily accessing the features and tools you need to stay motivated, connected, and informed.

Tracking Activities on Strava:

Tracking your activities on Strava is simple and intuitive, thanks to its powerful GPS tracking technology and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, here’s how you can track your performance using the app:

  1. Open the App: Launch the Strava app on your smartphone or wearable device.
  2. Navigate to the Record Section: Tap on the “Record” icon from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the activity recording screen.
  3. Choose Activity Type: Select the type of activity you’ll be doing from the list of options provided. Strava supports a wide range of activities, including running, cycling, hiking, swimming, and more.
  4. Set Goals (Optional): Before starting your activity, you can set goals such as distance, time, or pace to help you stay focused and motivated.
  5. Start Recording: Once you’re ready to begin, tap the “Start” button to initiate the GPS tracking. Strava will start recording your activity in real-time, capturing data such as distance traveled, pace, elevation gain, and route taken.
  6. Pause and Resume (Optional): If you need to take a break during your activity, you can pause the recording at any time and resume when you’re ready to continue.
  7. Finish and Save: When you’ve completed your activity, tap the “Finish” button to stop the recording. Review the summary of your workout, including key metrics like distance, time, and elevation gain. You can add any additional details or notes before saving the activity.
  8. Add Photos (Optional): Enhance your activity post by adding photos taken during your workout to capture and share memorable moments.
  9. Save and Share: Once you’re satisfied with the details, tap “Save” to store the activity in your Strava profile. You can choose to share it with your followers, clubs, or keep it private.
  10. Sync with Devices (Optional): If you’re using a compatible wearable device or fitness tracker, Strava can sync with it to automatically import your activities, eliminating the need to manually record them.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly track and analyze your activities on Strava, allowing you to monitor your progress, set new goals, and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Analyzing Performance on Strava:

Once you’ve recorded your activities on Strava, the app provides powerful tools to help you analyze your performance in detail. Here’s how you can delve into your data and gain insights into your fitness progress:

  1. Activity Summary: Each recorded activity on Strava comes with a detailed summary that includes key metrics such as distance, duration, pace/speed, elevation gain, and calories burned. This summary gives you an overview of your performance at a glance.
  2. Interactive Maps: Strava plots your route on an interactive map, allowing you to visualize where you’ve been during your activity. You can zoom in to see specific details of your route, including elevation changes and any segments you may have completed.
  3. Segment Analysis: Strava divides popular routes into segments, which are specific sections of a route that users can compete on. For each segment you encounter during your activity, Strava provides detailed analysis, including your time, ranking compared to other athletes, and any personal records (PRs) you’ve achieved.
  4. Splits: For activities like running and cycling, Strava automatically calculates your splits, which are the times it takes you to cover specific distances (e.g., per kilometer or mile). Analyzing your split times can help you identify patterns in your performance and areas for improvement.
  5. Heart Rate Analysis: If you use a compatible heart rate monitor with Strava, you can view detailed heart rate data for your activities. This includes your average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and heart rate zones throughout the workout. Analyzing your heart rate data can provide insights into your effort level and fitness intensity.
  6. Power Analysis (Cycling): For cyclists who use power meters, Strava offers advanced power analysis tools. You can view metrics such as average power, normalized power, and power distribution throughout the ride. Power data is valuable for assessing your cycling performance and training effectiveness.
  7. Comparative Analysis: Strava allows you to compare your performance on specific segments or routes over time. You can track improvements or declines in your performance and identify factors that may have influenced your results.
  8. Training Load and Fitness Trends: With Strava’s premium features, you can access training load analysis and fitness trend charts. These tools provide insights into your overall training volume, intensity distribution, and fitness improvements over time.
  9. Goal Tracking: If you’ve set goals for your activities, Strava tracks your progress toward these goals and provides visual indicators to help you stay motivated and accountable.

By utilizing these analytical tools within Strava, you can gain valuable insights into your performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize your training and achieve your fitness goals.

Exploring Routes and Segments on Strava:

Strava offers a wealth of resources for discovering and exploring routes and segments, whether you’re looking for new running trails, cycling routes, or hiking paths. Here’s how you can make the most of these features:

  1. Discover Routes:
    • Navigate to the “Explore” section of the app to discover popular routes in your area or any location worldwide.
    • Browse curated collections of routes based on activity type, distance, elevation, and popularity.
    • Use the search function to find specific routes by name, location, or keywords.
    • Filter routes based on criteria such as surface type (road, trail), difficulty level, and route type (loop, out and back).
  2. Explore Segments:
    • Segments are specific sections of routes that users have marked and compete on for the fastest times.
    • In the “Explore” section, you can search for segments by name, location, or activity type.
    • Browse nearby segments or explore popular segments in different areas.
    • View segment details, including distance, elevation, average grade, and leaderboard rankings.
  3. Segment Leaderboards:
    • Each segment has its leaderboard, showing the top performers and their times.
    • Compete against yourself or others by attempting to achieve a personal record (PR) or climb the leaderboard rankings.
    • Filter the leaderboard by age group, gender, and weight class to compare your performance against similar athletes.
  4. Create and Share Routes:
    • If you have a favorite route that’s not already on Strava, you can create and share it with the community.
    • Use the route builder tool to map out your route manually or import a GPX file.
    • Customize your route by adding waypoints, adjusting the path, and specifying surface types.
    • Once created, you can share your route with friends, clubs, or the entire Strava community.
  5. Save and Follow Routes:
    • When you find a route you like, you can save it to your list of saved routes for easy access later.
    • Follow routes created by other users to stay updated on their activities and discover new paths to explore.
    • Get turn-by-turn navigation instructions for saved routes using Strava’s mobile app, making it easy to navigate while on the move.
  6. Segment Explorer (Premium Feature):
    • Strava’s premium subscription offers access to the Segment Explorer tool, which allows you to explore segments based on specific criteria like location, distance, and elevation gain.
    • Discover hidden gems and lesser-known segments in your area to add variety to your training routes.

Exploring routes and segments on Strava is not only a great way to discover new places to explore and challenge yourself but also to connect with the vibrant community of athletes worldwide who share your passion for outdoor adventure.

Using Strava Premium Features:

Strava offers a premium subscription service that unlocks additional features and tools designed to enhance your training, performance analysis, and overall experience on the platform. Here’s an overview of some of the key premium features available:

  1. Training Plans: Strava Premium provides access to personalized training plans tailored to your fitness level, goals, and activity preferences. These plans are developed by expert coaches and help you structure your workouts to achieve specific objectives, such as improving endurance, speed, or strength.
  2. Beacon: Beacon is a safety feature that allows you to share your real-time location with designated contacts while you’re out on an activity. Premium subscribers can use Beacon to provide peace of mind to friends and family by letting them track your whereabouts during your workouts.
  3. Advanced Performance Metrics: Premium users gain access to advanced performance metrics and analytics, including fitness and freshness charts, power curve analysis (for cyclists), and race analysis tools. These features provide deeper insights into your training load, recovery, and overall fitness trends over time.
  4. Filtered Leaderboards: Premium members can filter segment leaderboards by age group and weight class, allowing for more accurate comparisons with athletes in similar demographics. This feature helps you assess your performance relative to peers who share similar characteristics and demographics.
  5. Training Load Analysis: Strava Premium includes training load analysis tools that help you monitor your training volume and intensity over time. By tracking your training load, you can optimize your workouts, prevent overtraining, and maximize your performance gains.
  6. Power Analysis (Cycling): Cyclists who use power meters can access advanced power analysis features with Strava Premium. These tools provide detailed insights into power data, including average power, normalized power, and power distribution throughout your rides. Power analysis is invaluable for assessing cycling performance and improving training efficiency.
  7. Route Planning with Route Builder: Premium subscribers can access Strava’s Route Builder tool, which allows you to create custom routes with detailed route planning features. Route Builder helps you discover new roads and trails, customize your routes based on distance and elevation preferences, and explore scenic or challenging terrain.
  8. Exclusive Challenges and Discounts: Premium members get access to exclusive challenges and discounts from Strava’s partners and sponsors. These challenges provide additional motivation and opportunities to win prizes or unlock rewards based on your activity participation.

Strava Premium offers a range of features and benefits designed to support your fitness journey, whether you’re a recreational athlete or a competitive racer. By upgrading to Premium, you can access advanced training tools, safety features, and analytics to take your training and performance to the next level.


Strava is more than just a fitness tracking app; it’s a vibrant community of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts united by their passion for fitness, adventure, and camaraderie. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the various features and functionalities that make Strava an indispensable tool for athletes of all levels.

From tracking your activities with precision using GPS technology to analyzing your performance with detailed metrics and insights, Strava empowers you to set goals, push your limits, and achieve your fitness aspirations. The app’s intuitive interface and social features make it easy to connect with friends, join clubs, and share your accomplishments with the community.

Whether you’re running, cycling, hiking, or engaging in any other outdoor pursuit, Strava provides the tools and support you need to stay motivated, informed, and inspired on your fitness journey. And with premium features like personalized training plans, advanced analytics, and exclusive challenges, there’s always something new to explore and experience with Strava Premium.

So whether you’re a seasoned athlete striving for new personal bests or a beginner taking your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Strava is your ultimate companion for adventure, performance, and community. Download the app, lace up your shoes, and join the millions of athletes around the world who are redefining what it means to be #StravaStrong.

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