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Chord ai - learn any song
App NameChord ai - learn any song
Latest Versionv2.6.35
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Requirements Android 8.0Android8.0
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4.7 Rating (933) Votes

4.7 Rating (933 Votes )
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The simplest way to get the chords. For guitar, piano, ukulele and more.

Introduction to Chord AI Pro Mod APK

Chord AI harnesses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to revolutionize how you access and play your favorite songs. Gone are the days of scouring the web for chord charts – with Chord AI, you can instantly and reliably retrieve the chords of any song, whether it’s playing on your device, streaming online, or even performed live around you. Designed for both novice learners and experienced musicians, Chord AI simplifies the process of learning and transcribing songs, providing accurate chord recognition and finger positions for guitar, piano, or ukulele. Whether you’re strumming along to your favorite tunes or dissecting intricate chord progressions, Chord AI is your indispensable companion for musical exploration and mastery.

Chord AI Features

Discover the powerful features that make Chord AI the ultimate tool for musicians and music enthusiasts:

  1. Chord Recognition: Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, Chord AI accurately identifies the chords of any song in real-time, ensuring precision and reliability.
  2. Beats and Tempo Detection: Easily detect the beats and tempo of a song with Chord AI’s intuitive BPM detection feature, providing essential rhythm information for seamless performance.
  3. Tonality Detection: Gain insights into the tonality of a song, allowing you to understand its musical key and harmonic structure for enhanced musical interpretation.
  4. Lyrics Recognition and Alignment: Enjoy a karaoke-like experience with Chord AI’s lyrics recognition and alignment feature, synchronizing chord displays with song lyrics for effortless singing and playing.
  5. Free Version: Access basic chord recognition capabilities with the free version of Chord AI, including major and minor chords, augmented and diminished chords, 7th chords, and more.
  6. Pro Version: Upgrade to the Pro version for advanced features such as playlist storage, backup options, and enhanced chord recognition precision. Unlock thousands of advanced chords, including power chords, 6th chords, 9th chords, and beyond, along with chord inversions and combinations.
  7. Massive Chord Library: Explore Chord AI’s extensive library of chord positions for guitar and ukulele players, providing comprehensive resources for learning and mastering chord progressions.
  8. Offline Functionality: Enjoy the convenience of using Chord AI offline, ensuring uninterrupted access to chord recognition and learning tools wherever you go, without the need for an internet connection.

With its robust feature set and user-friendly interface, Chord AI empowers musicians of all levels to elevate their musical journey and unlock new possibilities in chord exploration and performance.

Chord Recognition and Precision

One of the standout features of Chord AI is its unparalleled chord recognition accuracy and precision. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Chord AI excels at identifying even the most complex chords with remarkable reliability.

Whether you’re playing a song from your device, streaming music online, or listening to live performances, Chord AI swiftly analyzes the audio input and delivers precise chord information in real-time. From basic major and minor chords to intricate extended chords and inversions, Chord AI captures the nuances of each chord progression with exceptional detail.

Musicians can rely on Chord AI to provide optimal finger positions for guitar, piano, or ukulele, facilitating seamless performance and learning experiences. Whether you’re a beginner learning your first chords or an experienced musician transcribing intricate compositions, Chord AI’s accurate chord recognition ensures that you stay in tune and in rhythm, empowering you to explore and master the world of music with confidence and precision.

Benefits of Using Chord AI

Discover the multitude of advantages that Chord AI brings to musicians and music enthusiasts alike:

  1. Instant Chord Retrieval: Say goodbye to tedious searches for chord charts online. With Chord AI, you can access the chords of any song instantly, saving you time and effort.
  2. Reliable Accuracy: Chord AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence to provide precise chord recognition, ensuring that you receive accurate chord information for seamless performance and learning.
  3. Enhanced Learning Experience: Whether you’re a novice learning your first chords or an experienced musician dissecting complex compositions, Chord AI enhances your learning experience by providing optimal finger positions and chord information in real-time.
  4. Versatile Instrument Support: Whether you play guitar, piano, or ukulele, Chord AI caters to a variety of instruments, offering chord information and finger positions tailored to your specific instrument of choice.
  5. Convenient Offline Functionality: With Chord AI’s offline capability, you can access chord recognition and learning tools anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted practice sessions on the go.
  6. Comprehensive Chord Library: Explore Chord AI’s extensive library of chord positions and variations, empowering you to learn and master a wide range of chord progressions and musical styles.
  7. Flexible Usage Options: Whether you’re analyzing songs from your device, streaming music online, or listening to live performances, Chord AI adapts to your preferred listening method, providing chord information in real-time.
  8. Improved Performance Confidence: With Chord AI by your side, you can approach performances with confidence, knowing that you have reliable chord information and finger positions at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on delivering your best performance.

Overall, Chord AI revolutionizes the way musicians interact with chords, offering unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and versatility to enhance your musical journey and performance capabilities.

Supported Chords and Instruments

Chord AI boasts extensive support for a wide range of chords and instruments, catering to the diverse needs of musicians:

  1. Basic Chords: From fundamental major and minor chords to essential variations such as augmented, diminished, and suspended chords, Chord AI covers the foundational chords needed for various musical compositions.
  2. Advanced Chords: Unlock the world of advanced chord progressions with Chord AI’s support for an extensive array of complex chords, including 7th chords, extended chords (9th, 11th, 13th), power chords, and more. Chord AI recognizes thousands of chord variations, ensuring comprehensive coverage for even the most intricate musical arrangements.
  3. Instrument Support: Whether you play guitar, piano, ukulele, or any other chord-based instrument, Chord AI provides tailored chord information and finger positions to suit your instrument of choice. With customizable settings for different instruments, you can optimize your learning and performance experience for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Chord Inversions: Explore chord inversions and voicings with Chord AI’s support for alternate chord positions. Easily navigate through different chord voicings to find the optimal arrangement for your playing style and musical context.
  5. Combination Chords: Discover chord combinations and variations, such as sus chords, add chords, and altered chords, allowing you to experiment with different harmonic colors and textures in your music.
  6. Real-Time Detection: Experience seamless chord recognition in real-time, whether you’re playing music from your device, streaming online content, or listening to live performances. Chord AI adapts to various audio sources, providing instant chord information whenever and wherever you need it.

With its comprehensive support for a wide range of chords and instruments, Chord AI empowers musicians to explore, learn, and create music with confidence and precision, regardless of their skill level or musical preferences.

Offline and Privacy Features

Chord AI offers advanced offline functionality and prioritizes user privacy, ensuring a seamless and secure experience:

  1. Offline Mode: Enjoy uninterrupted chord recognition and learning capabilities with Chord AI’s offline mode. Whether you’re practicing in a remote location or facing limited internet connectivity, Chord AI continues to deliver chord information and finger positions without requiring an internet connection. Stay focused on your music without disruptions, wherever your musical journey takes you.
  2. Full Privacy Protection: Rest assured that your privacy is safeguarded with Chord AI’s commitment to protecting user data. Chord AI operates with strict privacy policies and does not collect or store any personal information or audio recordings without your explicit consent. Your musical activities remain confidential, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.
  3. Local Processing: Chord AI prioritizes local processing, ensuring that all chord recognition and analysis occur directly on your device. By minimizing reliance on external servers and cloud-based processing, Chord AI maintains user privacy and data security, keeping your musical interactions private and confidential.
  4. No Data Sharing: Unlike other apps that may share user data with third parties, Chord AI does not engage in data sharing practices. Your chord recognition activities, musical preferences, and usage patterns are kept strictly confidential, providing you with peace of mind and complete control over your personal information.
  5. Transparent Privacy Policies: Chord AI upholds transparent privacy policies, providing users with clear and concise information about data collection, storage, and usage practices. You can review the app’s privacy policy to understand how your data is handled and ensure that your privacy rights are respected at all times.

With its robust offline capabilities and unwavering commitment to user privacy, Chord AI offers a secure and reliable platform for musicians to explore, learn, and create music without compromising their personal data or privacy. Enjoy the freedom to practice and play music confidently, knowing that your musical journey is protected by Chord AI’s advanced privacy features.

How Chord AI Works

Chord AI harnesses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver seamless chord recognition and analysis, empowering musicians with accurate and reliable chord information. Here’s how Chord AI works:

  1. Audio Input: Chord AI captures audio input from various sources, including your device’s microphone, audio files stored locally, or streaming services. Whether you’re playing music from your device, listening to live performances, or streaming content online, Chord AI listens attentively to the audio input to identify chords.
  2. Chord Detection: Using sophisticated AI algorithms, Chord AI analyzes the audio input in real-time, identifying the underlying chords present in the music. The AI technology employed by Chord AI is trained to recognize a vast array of chord types and variations, ensuring accurate detection across different musical genres and styles.
  3. Chord Visualization: Once the chords are detected, Chord AI visualizes the chord information in a user-friendly interface, providing clear and concise representations of the chord names, finger positions, and voicings. Musicians can easily access chord diagrams and fingerings tailored to their instrument of choice, whether it’s guitar, piano, ukulele, or another chord-based instrument.
  4. Real-Time Feedback: Whether you’re practicing a song, transcribing music, or learning new chord progressions, Chord AI provides real-time feedback on the detected chords, allowing you to follow along with the music seamlessly. As the music plays, Chord AI updates the chord display in real-time, keeping you in sync with the musical arrangement and helping you navigate complex chord changes effortlessly.
  5. Offline Capability: In addition to real-time chord recognition, Chord AI offers offline functionality, enabling musicians to use the app even when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable. By processing chord recognition locally on the device, Chord AI ensures uninterrupted access to chord information, regardless of your location or internet access.
  6. Privacy Preservation: Chord AI prioritizes user privacy by conducting all chord recognition and analysis locally on the device, without the need for external servers or cloud-based processing. Your musical activities and audio recordings remain private and secure, with no data shared with third parties.

By leveraging AI technology and innovative algorithms, Chord AI revolutionizes the way musicians access and interact with chord information, providing a powerful tool for learning, practicing, and enjoying music with confidence and ease.

Free Version vs. Pro Version

Chord AI offers both a free version and a pro version, each catering to different user needs and preferences. Here’s a comparison of the features and benefits of each:

Free Version:

  1. Basic Chord Recognition: The free version of Chord AI provides access to basic chord recognition capabilities, allowing users to identify fundamental chord types such as major, minor, augmented, diminished, and seventh chords.
  2. Limited Precision: While the free version delivers reliable chord recognition, it may offer slightly lower precision compared to the pro version. Users may encounter occasional variations or inaccuracies in chord detection, particularly with more complex or advanced chord types.
  3. Essential Features: Users of the free version can still enjoy essential features such as chord visualization, finger positions, and basic chord diagrams for popular instruments like guitar, piano, and ukulele.
  4. Offline Functionality: Chord AI’s free version includes offline functionality, enabling users to access basic chord recognition capabilities without requiring an internet connection. This ensures uninterrupted access to chord information, even in offline environments.

Pro Version:

  1. Enhanced Chord Recognition: The pro version of Chord AI offers enhanced chord recognition capabilities, providing users with higher precision and accuracy in chord detection. Advanced chord types, including power chords, extended chords, and chord inversions, are detected with greater reliability.
  2. Optimal Finger Positions: With the pro version, users receive optimal finger positions for playing each chord, ensuring greater accuracy and ease during practice sessions. Chord AI’s pro version offers comprehensive guidance on finger placement for a wide range of chord variations.
  3. Playlist Management: Pro version users can create and manage playlists within the app, organizing their favorite songs and chord progressions for easy access and practice. This feature is ideal for musicians who want to streamline their learning experience and focus on specific songs or genres.
  4. Backup and Sync: The pro version of Chord AI includes backup and sync functionality, allowing users to securely store their chord libraries and settings across multiple devices. This ensures seamless access to personalized chord data, even when switching between devices or upgrading to a new device.
  5. Ad-Free Experience: Pro version users enjoy an ad-free experience, eliminating interruptions and distractions during practice sessions. With no ads to disrupt their workflow, musicians can fully immerse themselves in learning and playing music with Chord AI’s pro version.

Overall, while the free version of Chord AI offers basic chord recognition capabilities, the pro version enhances the user experience with advanced features, precision chord detection, optimal finger positions, playlist management, backup and sync, and an ad-free environment. Users can choose the version that best suits their needs and level of musical expertise, unlocking additional benefits and capabilities with the pro version subscription.

  • New in Chord ai:
    • Bug fix: Crash on low performance devices
    • Improved chord recognition (new model )
    • Improved lyrics transcription
    • Export playlists and Google Drive sync

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