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CamScanner - PDF Scanner App
App NameCamScanner - PDF Scanner App
Latest Versionv6.63.0.2404140000
Last Updated
PublisherCamSoft Information
Requirements Android 5.0Android5.0
Size190 MB
ModsPremium unlocked
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (785) Votes

4.3 Rating (785 Votes )
Price: $ 0
    • Paid features unlocked (except all credit based/server side features and 10GB cloud space)
    • Ads rewards can be earned again (only ads support variant)
    • Logging disabled
    • arm64-v8a+armeabi
    • FirebaseAnalytics / FirebaseCrashlytics disabled.
    • Cropping issue fixed for all devices.
    • Unnecessary receivers/activities/alarms/permissions/metadata etc removed from manifest (in clean and offline build)
    Offline version - app won't have any access to internet (for those who don't use its online features).
Scan paperwork into PDF/JPG, generate your own e-signature and send fax or email

Introduction to CamScanner Premium Mod APK

CamScanner Premium Mod APK has revolutionized the way people digitize documents, receipts, notes, and more, transforming smartphones into portable scanners. This innovative mobile app offers a convenient and efficient solution for scanning, organizing, and managing documents on the go.

CamScanner Premium Mod APK’s popularity stems from its ease of use and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for professionals, students, and individuals seeking to streamline their document workflows. With just a few taps, users can capture high-quality scans of physical documents using their device’s camera, eliminating the need for bulky scanners or photocopiers.

The app’s intuitive interface guides users through the scanning process, providing features like automatic edge detection, image enhancement, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to ensure optimal results. Once scanned, documents can be organized into folders, annotated, edited, and shared with ease, empowering users to stay organized and productive wherever they are.

In this guide, we’ll explore the various features and functionalities of CamScanner Premium Mod APK, from its installation and setup to its advanced editing tools and collaboration options. Whether you’re digitizing receipts for expense reports, scanning lecture notes for study sessions, or archiving important documents for safekeeping, CamScanner offers a comprehensive solution to meet your document scanning and management needs.

Join us as we delve into the world of CamScanner and discover how this mobile app has transformed the way we handle documents in the digital age.

Interface and Navigation

CamScanner Premium Mod APK provides users with an intuitive interface designed to simplify the document scanning process and enhance user experience. Here’s an overview of the interface elements and navigation options within the app:

  1. Home Screen: Upon launching the app, users are greeted with the home screen, which serves as the central hub for accessing key features and functionalities. From here, users can initiate new scans, view recent documents, access settings, and explore additional options.
  2. Scan Mode: Tapping on the “Scan” button or icon allows users to enter scan mode, where they can capture images of physical documents using their device’s camera. The scan interface provides tools for adjusting settings such as resolution, aspect ratio, and flash to ensure optimal scan quality.
  3. Document Preview: After capturing a scan, users are presented with a preview of the scanned document, where they can review the image and make adjustments if necessary. This includes options for cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness and contrast, and applying filters to enhance the scan.
  4. Document Management: CamScanner offers a variety of options for managing scanned documents, including organizing them into folders, renaming files, adding tags, and applying filters for quick retrieval. Users can easily sort, search, and filter documents based on various criteria to stay organized.
  5. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): For scanned documents containing text, CamScanner provides OCR functionality to extract text from images and make it searchable and editable. Users can perform OCR on individual documents or enable batch OCR for processing multiple files simultaneously.
  6. Annotation and Editing: Users can annotate scanned documents with text, arrows, highlights, and stamps to add context or emphasize important information. Additionally, basic editing tools allow users to crop, rotate, and adjust the perspective of scanned images.
  7. Sync and Backup: CamScanner offers seamless integration with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing users to sync scanned documents across multiple devices and platforms. Automatic backup ensures that documents are securely stored and accessible from anywhere.
  8. Settings and Customization: The app provides settings and customization options to tailor the user experience to individual preferences. This includes options for adjusting camera settings, enabling passcode protection, configuring automatic upload settings, and more.
  9. Help and Support: Users can access help resources, FAQs, and customer support directly from within the app to troubleshoot issues, learn about new features, and get assistance with using CamScanner effectively.

By providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, CamScanner Premium Mod APK empowers users to digitize, organize, and manage documents with ease, transforming their smartphones into powerful scanning and document management tools. Whether for work, school, or personal use, CamScanner Premium Mod APK offers a convenient solution for staying organized and productive on the go.

Scanning Documents

Scanning documents with CamScanner Premium Mod APK is a straightforward process that allows users to quickly digitize physical documents using their smartphone’s camera. Here’s a step-by-step guide to scanning documents efficiently:

  1. Open the App: Launch the CamScanner app on your smartphone to access the home screen.
  2. Initiate Scan Mode: Tap on the “Scan” button or icon to enter scan mode and activate your device’s camera.
  3. Position the Document: Place the physical document you want to scan on a flat surface with good lighting. Ensure that the document is well-aligned and free from obstructions.
  4. Capture the Scan: Position your smartphone’s camera directly above the document and align it with the edges. Hold your device steady and tap the capture button to take a picture of the document.
  5. Review and Adjust: After capturing the scan, CamScanner will display a preview of the image. Review the scan to ensure clarity and readability. Use the cropping tool to adjust the borders and eliminate any unwanted background or margins.
  6. Enhance Scan Quality: CamScanner offers various tools to enhance the quality of your scan. Adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, and color to improve the overall appearance of the document. Experiment with filters to enhance text legibility and remove noise or artifacts.
  7. Multi-page Scanning (Optional): If you have multiple pages to scan, repeat the previous steps for each page. CamScanner allows users to create multi-page documents by adding additional scans to the same file.
  8. Save or Share the Scan: Once you’re satisfied with the scan, tap the “Save” or “Done” button to save the document to your CamScanner library. From there, you can rename the file, choose a folder for organization, and add tags or notes for easy retrieval. Alternatively, tap the share button to send the scan via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage services.
  9. Perform OCR (Optional): If the scanned document contains text, you can use CamScanner’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to extract text from the image and make it searchable and editable. Simply enable OCR for the document, and CamScanner will process the text accordingly.
  10. Organize and Manage Scans: After scanning, organize your documents into folders or categories within the CamScanner Premium Mod APK app for easy access and retrieval. Use tags, labels, or filters to further categorize and organize your scans based on content or context.

By following these steps, users can efficiently scan physical documents using CamScanner, transforming paper-based information into digital files that are easily accessible, searchable, and shareable. Whether for archiving important documents, digitizing receipts, or capturing notes on the go, CamScanner offers a convenient solution for document scanning and management.

Document Management

Once documents are scanned and digitized using CamScanner Premium Mod APK, the app provides robust tools for organizing, managing, and accessing your digital files. Here’s how you can effectively manage your documents within the app:

  1. Folder Organization: Create folders within CamScanner Premium Mod APK to categorize and group related documents. Organize your scans by project, category, or any other relevant criteria to streamline access and retrieval.
  2. Renaming and Sorting: Rename scanned documents to provide descriptive titles that accurately represent their content. This makes it easier to identify and locate specific files within your document library. Sort documents alphabetically, by date, or by custom criteria to maintain order and accessibility.
  3. Tags and Labels: Add tags or labels to scanned documents to further categorize and organize them. Tags allow for flexible classification based on keywords, topics, or attributes associated with the content of the document. Use tags to create dynamic collections that span across folders and facilitate quick retrieval.
  4. Search Functionality: Utilize CamScanner’s search functionality to quickly locate specific documents within your library. Simply enter keywords, phrases, or tags into the search bar, and CamScanner will display relevant results, making it easy to find the documents you need, even in large collections.
  5. Filtering Options: Apply filters to your document library to narrow down search results based on specific criteria. Filter documents by date, tag, folder, or document type to refine your search and focus on relevant results.
  6. Annotation and Editing: Make annotations, highlights, or edits directly within scanned documents to add context, clarify information, or emphasize important details. CamScanner’s editing tools allow for easy markup and customization of scanned images without altering the original document.
  7. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Enable OCR for scanned documents containing text to extract and recognize text from images. This converts scanned text into searchable and editable formats, allowing you to copy, paste, or edit text within the document.
  8. Sync and Backup: Take advantage of CamScanner’s sync and backup features to securely store your documents and ensure continuity across devices. Sync your documents with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to access them from anywhere and safeguard against data loss.
  9. Security and Privacy: Protect sensitive documents with security features such as passcode protection or fingerprint authentication. CamScanner prioritizes user privacy and data security, ensuring that your scanned documents are kept confidential and secure.

By leveraging these document management features, users can efficiently organize, access, and manage their digital files within the CamScanner app. Whether for personal, academic, or professional use, CamScanner offers a comprehensive solution for digitizing, organizing, and safeguarding your documents with ease and convenience.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

CamScanner Premium Mod APK’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature is a powerful tool that allows users to extract text from scanned images and convert it into editable and searchable formats. Here’s how you can utilize OCR within the CamScanner app:

  1. Enable OCR: After scanning a document containing text, enable the OCR feature within CamScanner Premium Mod APK to initiate the text recognition process. This can typically be done during the scanning process or afterwards in the document settings.
  2. Text Extraction: Once OCR is enabled, CamScanner will analyze the scanned image and extract text from it. This includes printed text, handwriting, or any other textual content captured within the scan.
  3. Recognition Accuracy: CamScanner employs advanced algorithms to accurately recognize and extract text from images, even in challenging conditions such as low light or skewed angles. However, it’s important to review the extracted text for accuracy, as OCR may occasionally produce errors or misinterpretations.
  4. Editable Text: After OCR processing is complete, the extracted text is presented as editable content within the document. Users can select, copy, paste, or edit the text directly within the CamScanner app, allowing for easy manipulation and customization.
  5. Searchable Documents: With OCR-enabled documents, users can search for specific keywords, phrases, or terms within the text content. This makes it easy to locate information within scanned documents, even if they contain large volumes of text.
  6. Export Options: Users can export OCR-enabled documents in various formats, including searchable PDFs, editable text files (such as TXT or DOC), or formats compatible with word processing software. This allows for seamless integration with other applications and workflows.
  7. Language Support: CamScanner supports OCR for multiple languages, allowing users to extract text from documents in different languages and character sets. This ensures flexibility and compatibility for users worldwide.
  8. Batch OCR: CamScanner offers batch OCR functionality, allowing users to process multiple documents simultaneously. This is particularly useful for digitizing large volumes of text-heavy documents, such as books, articles, or manuals.
  9. Accuracy Enhancement: To improve OCR accuracy, ensure that scanned documents are of high quality with clear, legible text. Avoid excessive noise, shadows, or distortions that may hinder text recognition. Additionally, adjusting scan settings such as resolution and contrast can help optimize OCR performance.

By leveraging CamScanner’s OCR feature, users can unlock the full potential of their scanned documents, transforming static images into dynamic and searchable content that can be easily edited, searched, and shared. Whether for digitizing printed text, extracting data from documents, or enhancing accessibility, OCR offers a versatile solution for maximizing the utility and usability of scanned materials.

Editing and Annotation

CamScanner Premium Mod APK provides users with robust editing and annotation tools to customize and enhance scanned documents according to their needs. Whether you need to add annotations, highlight important information, or make adjustments to scanned images, CamScanner Premium Mod APK offers a variety of features to help you accomplish your goals. Here’s how you can utilize the editing and annotation tools within the app:

  1. Annotation Tools: CamScanner offers a range of annotation tools, including text boxes, arrows, shapes, and freehand drawing tools. These tools allow you to add comments, labels, or annotations directly onto the scanned document, providing context or additional information.
  2. Highlighting: Highlight important text or sections within the scanned document to draw attention to key information. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to customize the appearance of your highlights and make them stand out.
  3. Stamps and Watermarks: Add stamps or watermarks to your documents to indicate status, approval, or ownership. CamScanner Premium Mod APK provides a selection of pre-designed stamps, or you can create custom stamps with text or images to suit your needs.
  4. Text Editing: Edit text within scanned documents using CamScanner’s text editing tools. You can modify font styles, sizes, colors, and alignment to match the original document or your preferences. This feature is particularly useful for correcting errors or updating information in scanned text.
  5. Cropping and Resizing: Crop or resize scanned images to remove unnecessary borders, margins, or background elements. CamScanner’s cropping tool allows you to adjust the size and dimensions of the document to focus on the most relevant content.
  6. Rotation and Perspective Adjustment: Rotate scanned images to correct orientation or adjust perspective to align with the original document. CamScanner provides tools for rotating images clockwise or counterclockwise and correcting skewed angles for a more professional appearance.
  7. Filters and Effects: Enhance the visual appeal of scanned documents with filters and effects. CamScanner offers a variety of filters to adjust brightness, contrast, and color saturation, as well as artistic effects for creative enhancement.
  8. Undo and Redo: CamScanner allows you to undo and redo edits, providing flexibility and control over your editing process. If you make a mistake or change your mind about an edit, simply use the undo feature to revert to a previous state.
  9. Save and Share: Once you’ve finished editing and annotating your document, save your changes and share the document with others. CamScanner offers seamless sharing options, allowing you to email, message, or upload the document to cloud storage services for easy access and collaboration.

By leveraging CamScanner’s editing and annotation tools, users can customize and enhance scanned documents to meet their specific requirements. Whether for adding notes to lecture slides, highlighting key points in research papers, or annotating contracts and agreements, CamScanner offers a versatile solution for editing and annotating documents on the go.

Sync and Backup

CamScanner Premium Mod APK offers convenient sync and backup features that allow users to securely store and access their scanned documents across multiple devices. Whether you’re switching to a new device or need to access your documents from different locations, CamScanner’s sync and backup options ensure that your files are always accessible and up-to-date. Here’s how you can utilize these features:

  1. Cloud Storage Integration: CamScanner seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive. Users can link their CamScanner account to their preferred cloud storage provider, enabling automatic syncing of scanned documents to the cloud.
  2. Automatic Syncing: Once cloud storage integration is enabled, CamScanner automatically syncs scanned documents to the linked cloud storage account. This ensures that your documents are backed up and accessible from any device connected to the same cloud storage account.
  3. Cross-Device Access: With cloud syncing enabled, users can access their scanned documents from any device with the CamScanner app installed and linked to the same cloud storage account. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, your documents are always within reach.
  4. Offline Access: CamScanner also offers offline access to scanned documents, allowing users to view and edit documents even when an internet connection is unavailable. Changes made offline will be synced to the cloud once a connection is reestablished.
  5. Backup and Restore: In addition to cloud syncing, CamScanner provides options for manual backup and restore of documents. Users can create local backups of their document library and restore them to the app in case of data loss or device migration.
  6. Security and Privacy: CamScanner prioritizes the security and privacy of user data during syncing and backup processes. Documents are encrypted during transmission and storage, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected.
  7. Version History: Some cloud storage providers offer version history functionality, allowing users to revert to previous versions of documents if needed. This provides an extra layer of protection against accidental changes or deletions.
  8. Selective Syncing: Users can choose which documents to sync to the cloud, allowing for selective syncing based on storage limitations or privacy concerns. This flexibility enables users to prioritize important documents for backup while excluding less critical files.

By leveraging CamScanner’s sync and backup features, users can ensure that their scanned documents are securely stored, easily accessible, and protected against data loss. Whether you’re working on multiple devices, collaborating with colleagues, or simply want peace of mind knowing that your documents are backed up, CamScanner offers a reliable solution for syncing and backing up your digital files.

Security and Privacy

CamScanner Premium Mod APK prioritizes the security and privacy of user data, implementing measures to safeguard sensitive information and protect user privacy. Here’s how the app ensures security and privacy for its users:

  1. Encryption: CamScanner employs encryption protocols to secure data transmission and storage. Documents uploaded to the cloud or shared with others are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data confidentiality.
  2. Authentication: The app offers authentication features such as passcode protection and fingerprint recognition to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive documents. Users can set up a passcode or enable biometric authentication to unlock the app and access their documents securely.
  3. Permission Controls: CamScanner adheres to platform-specific permission controls to ensure that only necessary permissions are granted for app functionality. Users have control over which permissions the app can access, such as camera, storage, and location, minimizing potential privacy risks.
  4. Data Handling Practices: CamScanner follows strict data handling practices to protect user information. The app does not store or transmit personal data unnecessarily and adheres to data protection regulations to safeguard user privacy.
  5. Anonymous Usage: CamScanner respects user privacy by anonymizing usage data and limiting data collection to essential metrics for app improvement purposes. User data is aggregated and anonymized to protect individual privacy rights.
  6. Secure Cloud Storage: CamScanner integrates with reputable cloud storage providers that adhere to industry-standard security practices. Documents synced to the cloud are stored securely and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  7. Data Deletion: Users have the option to delete scanned documents from their CamScanner library and cloud storage accounts, ensuring that sensitive information is removed permanently. The app provides secure deletion methods to prevent data recovery.
  8. Privacy Policies: CamScanner maintains transparent privacy policies that outline how user data is collected, stored, and processed. Users can review the app’s privacy policy to understand their rights and responsibilities regarding data privacy.

By implementing these security and privacy measures, CamScanner strives to provide users with a safe and trusted platform for scanning, managing, and sharing documents. Whether for personal, academic, or professional use, users can trust CamScanner to protect their sensitive information and prioritize their privacy rights.

Sharing and Collaboration

CamScanner offers robust sharing and collaboration features, empowering users to easily share scanned documents with others and collaborate on projects. Whether you need to send documents to colleagues, collaborate on group projects, or share files with clients, CamScanner provides convenient options for seamless sharing and collaboration. Here’s how you can utilize these features:

  1. Share via Email: CamScanner allows users to share scanned documents via email directly from the app. Simply select the document you wish to share, choose the email option, and enter the recipient’s email address. You can also add a subject and message before sending the email.
  2. Share via Messaging Apps: In addition to email, CamScanner supports sharing documents via popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. Simply select the document and choose the messaging app you want to use to share it with your contacts.
  3. Share via Social Media: CamScanner enables users to share documents on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Share important documents, announcements, or updates with your social network directly from the app.
  4. Shareable Links: CamScanner provides the option to generate shareable links for scanned documents, allowing users to share documents with anyone, even if they don’t have the CamScanner app installed. Shareable links can be copied and shared via email, messaging apps, or social media.
  5. Collaborative Editing: CamScanner supports collaborative editing, allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. Users can share access to specific documents or folders with colleagues or team members, enabling real-time collaboration on projects.
  6. Commenting and Annotations: Collaborators can add comments, annotations, and feedback directly within shared documents, facilitating communication and collaboration. Commenting tools allow users to provide context, suggest changes, or ask questions within the document itself.
  7. Version History: CamScanner tracks version history for shared documents, allowing users to revert to previous versions if needed. This ensures that changes are documented and provides a safety net in case of accidental modifications or deletions.
  8. Integration with Productivity Tools: CamScanner integrates with popular productivity tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote, enabling seamless collaboration and workflow integration. Share scanned documents with colleagues or sync them to collaborative platforms for easy access and collaboration.

By leveraging these sharing and collaboration features, users can streamline communication, enhance productivity, and collaborate effectively on projects using CamScanner. Whether you’re working with colleagues, clients, or collaborators, CamScanner Premium Mod APK provides the tools you need to share, collaborate, and achieve your goals together.

Premium Features and Subscriptions

CamScanner offers premium features and subscription plans that unlock additional functionalities and provide enhanced capabilities for users. While the basic version of CamScanner provides essential scanning and document management tools for free, upgrading to a premium subscription offers access to advanced features and benefits. Here’s a breakdown of CamScanner’s premium features and subscription options:

  1. Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition):
    • Premium subscribers gain access to advanced OCR functionality, allowing for more accurate and comprehensive text recognition from scanned documents. This includes support for additional languages and improved accuracy in text extraction.
  2. Cloud Storage Integration:
    • Premium subscribers can enjoy expanded cloud storage options and increased storage capacity for their scanned documents. This includes seamless integration with cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, with larger storage quotas and enhanced syncing capabilities.
  3. Ad-Free Experience:
    • Premium subscribers enjoy an ad-free experience within the CamScanner Premium Mod APK, eliminating distractions and providing a smoother user experience. With no advertisements interrupting workflow, users can focus on scanning, editing, and managing documents without interruptions.
  4. Advanced Editing Tools:
    • Premium subscribers gain access to advanced editing and annotation tools, allowing for more customization and creativity in document editing. This includes additional filters, effects, and editing options for enhancing scanned images and documents.
  5. Priority Support:
    • Premium subscribers receive priority customer support, with faster response times and dedicated assistance for any inquiries or issues encountered while using the app. This ensures that premium users receive timely and personalized support to address their needs.
  6. Batch Processing:
    • Premium subscribers can take advantage of batch processing capabilities, allowing for simultaneous scanning and processing of multiple documents. This streamlines workflow and improves efficiency when dealing with large volumes of documents or files.
  7. Flexible Subscription Plans:
    • CamScanner offers flexible subscription plans to cater to different user needs and preferences. Subscription options may include monthly, annual, or lifetime plans, with discounts available for long-term commitments and bundled packages.
  8. Additional Features and Enhancements:
    • Premium subscribers may also receive access to exclusive features, updates, and enhancements not available in the free version of the app. These features may include security enhancements, productivity tools, and integration with third-party services.

By upgrading to a premium subscription, users can unlock a range of advanced features and benefits that enhance their CamScanner experience. Whether you’re a professional user seeking advanced OCR capabilities, a power user looking for increased storage and editing options, or simply want an ad-free experience with priority support, CamScanner’s premium features and subscriptions offer a comprehensive solution for your document scanning and management needs.


CamScanner stands as a versatile and indispensable tool in the realm of digital document management, offering users a seamless and efficient way to digitize, organize, and collaborate on documents. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and commitment to user privacy and security, CamScanner has become a trusted companion for individuals and professionals alike seeking to streamline their document workflows.

Throughout this exploration of CamScanner Premium Mod APK, we’ve delved into its core functionalities, from scanning documents and organizing them efficiently to editing, annotating, and sharing with ease. We’ve also highlighted the app’s advanced features, such as OCR, cloud integration, and collaboration tools, which elevate the user experience and enable greater productivity.

CamScanner’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous updates and enhancements, ensuring that users have access to the latest tools and technologies for managing their documents effectively. Whether you’re digitizing receipts, annotating lecture notes, collaborating on projects, or sharing documents with colleagues, CamScanner Premium Mod APK offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

As we conclude our journey with CamScanner Premium Mod APK, it’s clear that the app has become an indispensable asset for individuals and professionals seeking to stay organized, productive, and efficient in today’s digital age. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or corporate executive, CamScanner Premium Mod APK provides the tools you need to manage your documents with confidence and ease.

So, whether you’re scanning business contracts, archiving family photos, or collaborating on group projects, let CamScanner Premium Mod APK be your trusted companion in the world of digital document management. With CamScanner Premium Mod APK by your side, the possibilities are endless, and your documents are always just a tap away.

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