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1Weather: Forecast & Radar
App Name1Weather: Forecast & Radar
Latest Versionv8.1.0
Last Updated
PublisherOneLouder Apps
Requirements Android 7.0Android7.0
Size80 MB
ModsPremium Features Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (489) Votes

4.3 Rating (489 Votes )
Price: $ 0
    • Premium / Paid features unlocked;
    • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
    • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
    • Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from AndroidManifest;
    • Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
    • Ads layouts visibility disabled;
    • Google Maps Location works;
    • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
    • Debug code removed;
    • Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
    • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
    • Facebook ads bundled SDK removed completely;
    • No active trackers or advertisements;
    • Languages: Full Multi Languages;
    • CPUs: universal architecture;
    • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
    • Original package signature changed;
    • Release by Balatan.
Hyperlocal Forecasts, Live Radar & Homescreen Widgets

Introduction to 1Weather Premium Mod APK

1Weather is a comprehensive weather app designed to provide users with accurate and detailed weather forecasts, radar maps, and severe weather alerts. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, 1Weather has become a popular choice among users seeking reliable weather information on their mobile devices.

What is 1Weather?

1Weather is a weather app available for both Android and iOS devices, offering users access to up-to-date weather forecasts, radar maps, and other weather-related information. Developed by OneLouder Apps, 1Weather aims to deliver a user-friendly experience while providing accurate and reliable weather data.

Brief Overview

With millions of downloads and positive reviews, 1Weather has established itself as a leading weather app in the mobile marketplace. Its clean and visually appealing interface, coupled with a wide range of features, sets it apart from other weather apps available on the market.

Purpose and Benefits

The primary purpose of 1Weather is to provide users with timely and accurate weather information to help them plan their activities and stay informed about current and upcoming weather conditions. Some key benefits of using 1Weather include:

  1. Accurate Forecasts: 1Weather utilizes data from trusted weather sources to deliver accurate and reliable forecasts for locations worldwide.
  2. Comprehensive Weather Information: From current conditions to hourly and daily forecasts, as well as radar maps and severe weather alerts, 1Weather offers a comprehensive range of weather-related information to meet users’ needs.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate interface, 1Weather makes it simple for users to access the weather information they need quickly and efficiently.
  4. Customization Options: 1Weather allows users to customize their weather experience by selecting preferred units of measurement, choosing weather themes, and setting up weather-related notifications and alerts.
  5. Severe Weather Alerts: Users can receive timely alerts for severe weather events in their area, helping them stay safe and prepared during adverse weather conditions.

Overall, 1Weather serves as a valuable tool for users looking to stay informed about the weather and plan their activities accordingly. Whether checking the forecast for the day ahead or monitoring approaching storms, 1Weather provides the tools and information needed to stay ahead of the weather.

Features of 1Weather

1Weather offers a wide range of features designed to provide users with comprehensive weather information and an enhanced weather experience. Here are some of the key features of 1Weather:

  1. Current Weather Conditions:
    • Users can view current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and visibility, for their current location or any other location worldwide.
  2. Hourly and Daily Forecasts:
    • 1Weather provides detailed hourly and daily forecasts, allowing users to plan their activities based on upcoming weather conditions.
  3. Severe Weather Alerts:
    • Users can receive timely alerts for severe weather events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more, helping them stay informed and prepared.
  4. Radar Maps and Satellite Imagery:
    • Interactive radar maps and satellite imagery provide users with real-time weather information, including precipitation, cloud cover, and storm tracking.
  5. Weather Widgets:
    • 1Weather offers customizable weather widgets that can be added to the home screen for quick access to weather information without opening the app.
  6. Customization Options:
    • Users can personalize their weather experience by selecting preferred units of measurement (e.g., Fahrenheit or Celsius), choosing from various weather themes, and customizing the app’s layout and appearance.
  7. Location-Based Weather Updates:
    • 1Weather automatically updates weather information based on the user’s current location, ensuring that users receive accurate and relevant weather data wherever they go.
  8. Weather Trends and Historical Data:
    • Users can track weather trends over time and access historical weather data to compare current conditions with past weather patterns.
  9. Social Sharing:
    • 1Weather allows users to share weather information with friends and family via social media platforms, email, or messaging apps.
  10. Multiple Locations:
    • Users can add and save multiple locations to monitor weather conditions in different areas, making it easy to plan travel or stay informed about weather events affecting friends and family in other locations.
  11. Sunrise and Sunset Times:
    • 1Weather provides sunrise and sunset times for the user’s location, helping them plan outdoor activities and maximize daylight hours.
  12. Widgets and Shortcuts:
    • In addition to weather widgets, users can create shortcuts for specific weather features, such as accessing the radar map or viewing the extended forecast, directly from the home screen.

These features collectively make 1Weather a comprehensive and user-friendly weather app, catering to the needs of users who rely on accurate weather information for their daily activities and planning. Whether checking the forecast for the day ahead, tracking approaching storms, or staying informed about weather trends, 1Weather offers the tools and resources needed to stay ahead of the weather.

Using 1Weather

Using 1Weather is straightforward and intuitive, allowing users to access a wealth of weather information with ease. Here’s a guide on how to use 1Weather effectively:

  1. Downloading and Installing 1Weather:
    • Download 1Weather from our Website (for Android devices) and install it on your device.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  2. Setting Up 1Weather:
    • Upon launching 1Weather for the first time, you may be prompted to grant the app permission to access your device’s location. This allows 1Weather to provide accurate weather information based on your current location.
    • Follow the prompts to enable location access and any other permissions required by the app.
  3. Navigating the Interface:
    • Familiarize yourself with the 1Weather interface, which typically includes tabs or sections for Current Weather, Hourly Forecast, Daily Forecast, Radar, Alerts, and more.
    • Swipe left or right to switch between different sections or use the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Viewing Current Weather Conditions:
    • Open the “Current Weather” section to view the current weather conditions for your location, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more.
    • Tap on any specific weather parameter to view additional details or insights.
  5. Checking Hourly and Daily Forecasts:
    • Navigate to the “Hourly Forecast” or “Daily Forecast” section to view the weather forecast for the upcoming hours or days.
    • Scroll through the forecast to see predicted conditions, temperatures, precipitation chances, and more.
  6. Exploring Radar Maps and Satellite Imagery:
    • Access the “Radar” section to view interactive radar maps and satellite imagery, providing real-time weather information, precipitation patterns, and storm tracking.
    • Use pinch-to-zoom gestures to zoom in and out of the map, and swipe to pan across different regions.
  7. Setting Severe Weather Alerts:
    • Configure severe weather alerts to receive timely notifications for severe weather events in your area, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.
    • Customize alert settings, including the types of alerts you want to receive and the locations you want to monitor.
  8. Personalizing Your Experience:
    • Customize your weather experience by adjusting settings such as units of measurement (e.g., Fahrenheit or Celsius), weather themes, and layout preferences.
    • Explore additional customization options, such as widget customization and home screen shortcuts.
  9. Exploring Additional Features:
    • Take advantage of additional features offered by 1Weather, such as weather widgets, social sharing options, sunrise and sunset times, and more.
  10. Staying Informed and Prepared:
    • Use 1Weather to stay informed about current and upcoming weather conditions, plan outdoor activities, and stay prepared for severe weather events.

By following these steps and exploring the various features of 1Weather, you can make the most of this comprehensive weather app and stay ahead of the weather wherever you go.

Advanced Features of 1Weather

While 1Weather offers a user-friendly interface and essential weather features for everyday use, it also provides several advanced features that cater to users seeking more in-depth weather information and customization options. Here are some of the advanced features of 1Weather:

  1. Extended Forecasts:
    • In addition to hourly and daily forecasts, 1Weather may offer extended forecasts that provide weather predictions for an extended period, such as the next two weeks or even a month ahead. This feature allows users to plan activities and events further in advance.
  2. Weather Alerts Customization:
    • Advanced users can customize weather alerts to receive notifications for specific weather conditions or events that are of particular interest to them. For example, users may choose to receive alerts for severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, high winds, or other weather phenomena.
  3. Weather Maps Overlay:
    • 1Weather may offer advanced weather map overlays that allow users to visualize additional weather data on top of radar maps or satellite imagery. These overlays may include temperature gradients, precipitation intensity, wind speed and direction, and more, providing users with a more detailed understanding of weather patterns.
  4. Weather Trends Analysis:
    • Some versions of 1Weather may include features for analyzing weather trends over time. Users can view historical weather data, such as temperature, precipitation, and wind patterns, to identify long-term weather trends and patterns in their area.
  5. Astronomical Data:
    • Advanced users interested in astronomy may find astronomical data within 1Weather, such as sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and lunar visibility. This feature allows users to plan outdoor activities or stargazing sessions based on celestial events.
  6. Weather Widgets Customization:
    • While basic weather widgets are standard in 1Weather, advanced users can further customize these widgets to display specific weather information, such as current conditions, hourly forecasts, or severe weather alerts. Users can adjust the widget size, layout, and appearance to suit their preferences.
  7. Weather API Integration:
    • For developers and advanced users, 1Weather may offer integration with weather APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that provide access to raw weather data for use in third-party applications or services. This feature allows developers to create custom weather applications or integrate weather data into existing applications.
  8. Geolocation Services:
    • Advanced geolocation services within 1Weather may offer features such as location-based weather updates, local weather alerts, and personalized weather recommendations based on the user’s current location. These services use advanced algorithms to deliver highly accurate and relevant weather information tailored to the user’s specific location.
  9. Social Weather Sharing:
    • Users can share weather information and updates with friends, family, or followers on social media platforms directly from within the 1Weather app. This feature allows users to engage with their social networks and keep others informed about weather conditions in their area.
  10. Advanced Settings Customization:
    • Advanced users can delve into the settings menu of 1Weather to customize various aspects of the app, such as units of measurement, refresh intervals, notification preferences, and more. These customization options allow users to tailor the app to their specific needs and preferences.

By leveraging these advanced features, users can enhance their weather experience with 1Weather and access more detailed weather information tailored to their preferences and interests. Whether tracking long-term weather trends, customizing weather widgets, or analyzing weather maps, 1Weather offers advanced features to meet the needs of weather enthusiasts and power users alike.

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing 1Weather

Optimizing your use of 1Weather can help you make the most of its features and enhance your weather tracking experience. Here are some tips and tricks for optimizing 1Weather:

  1. Customize Weather Widgets:
    • Take advantage of 1Weather’s customizable widgets to display the weather information that matters most to you directly on your device’s home screen. Choose the widget size, layout, and information displayed to suit your preferences.
  2. Enable Location Services:
    • Ensure that location services are enabled on your device to allow 1Weather to provide accurate weather information based on your current location. This ensures that you receive relevant weather updates wherever you go.
  3. Explore Additional Layers on Radar Maps:
    • When viewing radar maps in 1Weather, explore additional layers and overlays to visualize different weather phenomena such as temperature, precipitation intensity, and wind speed. This can provide valuable insights into weather patterns and trends in your area.
  4. Set Custom Alerts:
    • Customize weather alerts in 1Weather to receive notifications for specific weather conditions or events that are important to you. Whether it’s severe weather alerts, temperature thresholds, or precipitation forecasts, tailor alerts to suit your needs.
  5. Personalize Themes and Layout:
    • Personalize the theme and layout of 1Weather to match your preferences and style. Choose from different color schemes, background images, and layout options to create a weather app interface that suits your taste.
  6. Check Weather Trends and Historical Data:
    • Explore weather trends and historical data in 1Weather to gain insights into long-term weather patterns in your area. Track temperature fluctuations, precipitation levels, and other weather metrics over time to better understand local climate trends.
  7. Optimize Refresh Interval:
    • Adjust the refresh interval in 1Weather settings to balance timely updates with battery life and data usage. Choose a refresh interval that provides frequent updates without draining your device’s battery or consuming excessive data.
  8. Use Widgets for Quick Access:
    • Place 1Weather widgets on your device’s home screen for quick access to weather information without opening the app. Configure widgets to display current conditions, forecasts, radar maps, or other weather data that you frequently check.
  9. Share Weather Updates:
    • Share weather updates and forecasts with friends, family, or followers on social media platforms directly from within the 1Weather app. Keep others informed about upcoming weather events or conditions in your area.
  10. Provide Feedback:
    • If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improving 1Weather, provide feedback to the developers. Your input can help shape future updates and enhancements to the app, ensuring a better user experience for everyone.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can optimize your use of 1Weather and make the most of its features to stay informed about current and upcoming weather conditions. Whether customizing widgets, setting alerts, or exploring radar maps, 1Weather offers tools and options to enhance your weather tracking experience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While 1Weather generally offers a smooth user experience, users may encounter occasional issues that can disrupt their use of the app. Here are some common issues and troubleshooting steps to address them:

  1. App Crashes or Freezes:
    • If 1Weather crashes or freezes unexpectedly, try force-closing the app and reopening it. On Android devices, go to Settings > Apps > 1Weather > Force Stop. On iOS devices, double-click the Home button and swipe up on the 1Weather app.
    • Ensure that you are using the latest version of 1Weather. Check for updates on the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and install any available updates.
    • Clear the app cache and data to resolve any temporary issues. Go to Settings > Apps > 1Weather > Storage (Android) or Settings > General > iPhone Storage > 1Weather (iOS) and tap Clear Cache/Clear Data.
  2. Incorrect Weather Data:
    • If 1Weather is displaying incorrect weather data, ensure that location services are enabled on your device and that the app has permission to access your location. Go to your device’s settings and enable location services for 1Weather.
    • Check the location settings within the 1Weather app to ensure that the correct location is selected. Open the app, go to Settings > Location Settings, and verify that the correct location is displayed.
    • If the issue persists, try manually refreshing the weather data by pulling down on the screen to refresh the weather information. This can force the app to retrieve updated data from its servers.
  3. Widget Not Updating:
    • If 1Weather widgets are not updating with the latest weather information, try resizing the widget or removing and re-adding it to the home screen. This can sometimes trigger the widget to refresh and display updated data.
    • Ensure that the refresh interval for widgets is set appropriately in the 1Weather settings. Open the app, go to Settings > Widget Settings, and adjust the refresh interval as needed.
  4. Severe Weather Alerts Not Received:
    • If you are not receiving severe weather alerts from 1Weather, check your device’s notification settings to ensure that notifications from the app are not being blocked or silenced. Go to your device’s settings and review the notification settings for 1Weather.
    • Verify that severe weather alerts are enabled within the 1Weather app settings. Open the app, go to Settings > Alert Settings, and ensure that severe weather alerts are toggled on.
    • If severe weather alerts are still not being received, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to reset any potential issues with the notification system.
  5. Poor Performance or Battery Drain:
    • If 1Weather is causing poor performance or excessive battery drain on your device, try optimizing the app’s settings to reduce its impact on system resources. Disable unnecessary features such as background updates or location tracking if they are not essential.
    • Monitor your device’s battery usage to identify any apps or processes consuming excessive power. If 1Weather is identified as a significant drain on battery life, consider adjusting its settings or limiting its usage to conserve battery power.
  6. Data Connection Issues:
    • If 1Weather is unable to retrieve weather data due to data connection issues, ensure that your device has a stable internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and troubleshoot any connectivity issues.
    • If you are experiencing intermittent data connection issues, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if one connection is more reliable than the other. Additionally, consider restarting your device or resetting network settings to refresh the connection.

If you continue to experience issues with 1Weather after attempting these troubleshooting steps, consider reaching out to the app’s support team for further assistance. Providing detailed information about the issue you are experiencing can help the support team diagnose and resolve the problem more effectively.

Future Developments and Updates

As with any app, 1Weather is likely to undergo future developments and updates to improve functionality, add new features, and address any issues or bugs. While specific details about future developments and updates are not always disclosed in advance, here are some potential areas where 1Weather may see future improvements:

  1. Enhanced Weather Data Accuracy:
    • Future updates may focus on improving the accuracy and reliability of weather data provided by 1Weather. This could involve refining algorithms, leveraging additional weather data sources, and implementing advanced forecasting techniques.
  2. User Interface Enhancements:
    • 1Weather may receive updates to its user interface to enhance usability, accessibility, and visual appeal. This could include redesigning interface elements, improving navigation, and optimizing layouts for different screen sizes and devices.
  3. New Features and Functionality:
    • Future updates may introduce new features and functionality to 1Weather, expanding its capabilities and offering users additional tools for weather tracking and forecasting. This could include features such as personalized weather recommendations, integration with smart home devices, or augmented reality weather overlays.
  4. Improved Performance and Stability:
    • Updates may focus on optimizing the performance and stability of 1Weather, reducing app crashes, improving responsiveness, and minimizing resource usage. This could involve code optimizations, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements for different devices and operating systems.
  5. Localization and Internationalization:
    • 1Weather may undergo updates to better serve users in different regions and countries around the world. This could involve adding support for additional languages, customizing weather data for specific regions, and integrating local weather providers.
  6. Accessibility Improvements:
    • Future updates may include enhancements to make 1Weather more accessible to users with disabilities. This could involve improving screen reader compatibility, adding support for accessibility features such as voice commands, and ensuring that the app meets accessibility standards.
  7. Integration with Other Services:
    • 1Weather may integrate with other services and platforms to provide users with a more seamless weather experience. This could include integration with social media platforms, calendar apps, travel services, or outdoor activity planners.
  8. Feedback and User Input:
    • The development of 1Weather is likely to be influenced by user feedback and suggestions. Future updates may incorporate features and improvements based on user input, ensuring that the app continues to meet the needs and preferences of its user base.

While these are some potential areas where 1Weather may see future developments and updates, the actual direction of development will depend on various factors such as user demand, technological advancements, and market trends. Users can stay informed about future updates by following the official channels of 1Weather, such as the developer’s website, social media accounts, or app store listings.


  1. Is 1Weather Free to Use?
    • Yes, 1Weather is available for free on both the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and the App Store (for iOS devices). However, there may be optional in-app purchases or advertisements.
  2. How Accurate is 1Weather?
    • 1Weather utilizes data from trusted weather sources to provide accurate and reliable forecasts. While no weather app can guarantee 100% accuracy, 1Weather strives to deliver the most accurate forecasts possible.
  3. Does 1Weather Offer Severe Weather Alerts?
    • Yes, 1Weather provides severe weather alerts to notify users about potentially dangerous weather conditions in their area. Users can customize alert settings to receive notifications for specific types of severe weather events.
  4. Can I Customize the Layout of 1Weather?
    • Yes, 1Weather offers customization options that allow users to personalize the app’s layout, theme, and display settings. Users can adjust settings such as units of measurement, background images, and widget layouts to suit their preferences.
  5. Does 1Weather Offer Widgets?
    • Yes, 1Weather provides customizable widgets that can be added to the home screen of your device for quick access to weather information. Users can choose from various widget sizes and configurations to display the weather data they need.
  6. Can I View Radar Maps in 1Weather?
    • Yes, 1Weather offers radar maps and satellite imagery that allow users to track weather patterns, precipitation, and storm movements in real-time. Users can access radar maps within the app to visualize weather conditions in their area.
  7. Is 1Weather Available in Multiple Languages?
    • While the primary language of 1Weather is English, the app may support multiple languages depending on the user’s device settings and location. Check the app settings to see if additional language options are available.
  8. Does 1Weather Use a Lot of Battery Power?
    • 1Weather is designed to minimize battery usage and optimize performance on mobile devices. However, certain features such as location tracking and frequent updates may impact battery life. Users can adjust settings to conserve battery power if needed.
  9. Can I Receive Weather Alerts for Multiple Locations?
    • Yes, 1Weather allows users to add and save multiple locations to receive weather forecasts and alerts for different areas. Users can customize settings for each location to tailor their weather experience.
  10. Is My Data Safe with 1Weather?
    • 1Weather is committed to protecting user privacy and data security. The app adheres to strict privacy policies and safeguards user data against unauthorized access or misuse.

These FAQs address common inquiries about 1Weather, helping users understand its features, functionality, and privacy considerations. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, you can refer to the app’s support resources or contact the developer directly.


In conclusion, 1Weather stands as a reliable and feature-rich weather app that offers users a comprehensive solution for staying informed about current and upcoming weather conditions. With its intuitive interface, accurate forecasts, and customizable features, 1Weather has become a popular choice among users seeking a convenient and user-friendly weather tracking experience.

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the various aspects of 1Weather, including its features, usability, optimization tips, and troubleshooting steps. From checking current weather conditions to receiving severe weather alerts and customizing weather widgets, 1Weather offers a range of tools and options to meet the diverse needs of its users.

As users continue to rely on 1Weather for their weather forecasting needs, it’s essential to prioritize privacy, security, and responsible usage. By adhering to best practices and staying informed about weather-related risks and precautions, users can make the most of 1Weather while ensuring their safety and well-being.

In summary, 1Weather remains a trusted companion for users seeking accurate and timely weather information on their mobile devices. Whether planning outdoor activities, traveling, or simply staying informed about the weather in their area, 1Weather provides the tools and resources needed to stay ahead of the elements and make informed decisions based on weather conditions.

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