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TechCalc Scientific Calculator
App NameTechCalc Scientific Calculator
Latest Versionv5.1.1
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PublisherRoaming Squirrel Software
Requirements Android 5.0Android5.0
Size16 MB
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4.5 Rating (217) Votes

4.5 Rating (217 Votes )
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Scientific calculator with graphs, equations, calculus, formulas, finance, etc.

Introduction to TechCalc Scientific Calculator Mod APK

TechCalc stands out as the ultimate “Swiss Army Knife” of Scientific Calculators, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to assist users in a multitude of scientific and engineering calculations. With a staggering array of 44 Calculation Options, a Scientific Reference Section, and the inclusion of the Periodic Table of the Elements, TechCalc is the go-to solution for students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re navigating complex algebraic equations, performing intricate statistical analyses, or delving into calculus, TechCalc is your indispensable companion for all mathematical endeavors.

Modes Included in the Main Menu

TechCalc presents users with a diverse range of modes accessible directly from the main menu, each tailored to cater to specific calculation needs. These modes encompass a wide spectrum of mathematical functions and operations, ensuring versatility and convenience for users across various disciplines. The main menu modes are as follows:

  1. Basic Calculator: Offers both Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) functionality for straightforward arithmetic calculations.
  2. Scientific Calculator: Provides advanced scientific functions and operations, available in both Algebraic and RPN modes for enhanced flexibility.
  3. 64-bit Programmer Calculator: Specifically designed for programmers, supporting calculations in Hexadecimal (Hex), Octal (Oct), Binary (Bin), and Decimal (Dec) formats, with options for Algebraic and RPN notation.
  4. Graphs: Enables graphical representations of functions, implicit equations, parametric equations, XY scatter plots, and 3D surface plots, facilitating visual analysis of mathematical relationships.
  5. Matrices: Facilitates manipulation and analysis of matrices, offering operations such as Inverse, Transpose, Determinant, Eigenvalues, and Eigenvectors, among others.
  6. Complex Numbers: Supports calculations involving complex numbers in Cartesian and Polar forms, utilizing Euler’s identity for accurate representation.
  7. Quick Formulas: Provides access to a collection of 58 classic scientific formulas, along with the ability to add custom formulas, streamlining the calculation process.
  8. Quick Converter: Offers convenient unit conversions across various categories, simplifying the conversion of measurements and quantities.
  9. Time Calculator: Assists in time-related calculations, including time differences, durations, and conversions between different time units.
  10. Equation Solver: Equipped to solve a diverse range of equations, including Linear Equations, Polynomial Equations, Exponential Equations, Inequations, and more.
  11. Calculus: Supports symbolic algebraic calculations, including Derivatives, Integrals, Taylor Series, and Limits, empowering users with advanced mathematical capabilities.
  12. Financial: Provides a comprehensive suite of financial calculators, covering scenarios such as Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Cash Flow, Amortization, and Options Trading.
  13. Periodic Table of Elements: Includes a reference section featuring the Periodic Table of Elements, facilitating quick access to elemental information for chemistry-related calculations and studies.

With these diverse modes readily accessible from the main menu, TechCalc offers unparalleled versatility and functionality for users engaging in scientific and engineering calculations.

Features Overview

TechCalc boasts an extensive array of features designed to meet the diverse needs of users across various disciplines. From basic arithmetic operations to advanced scientific calculations, TechCalc provides a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate efficient and accurate computations. Here’s an overview of the key features offered by TechCalc:

  1. Comprehensive Calculation Options: With 44 Calculation Options available, TechCalc covers a wide range of mathematical functions and operations, ensuring versatility and flexibility in performing calculations.
  2. Scientific Reference Section: In addition to calculation capabilities, TechCalc includes a Scientific Reference Section, providing users with access to valuable resources such as physical laws, mathematical tables, and trigonometric identities.
  3. Periodic Table of the Elements: TechCalc incorporates a Periodic Table of the Elements into its interface, offering quick access to elemental information for chemistry-related calculations and studies.
  4. Multiple Calculation Modes: Users can choose from various calculation modes, including Basic Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Programmer Calculator, Graphs, Matrices, Complex Numbers, and more, catering to different mathematical needs and preferences.
  5. Graphical Visualization: The Graphs mode enables users to visualize functions, equations, and data in graphical formats such as XY scatter plots and 3D surface plots, facilitating deeper insights into mathematical relationships.
  6. Matrix Operations: TechCalc supports advanced matrix operations, including matrix inversion, transpose, determinant, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors, empowering users with powerful analytical capabilities.
  7. Financial Calculators: A suite of financial calculators allows users to perform various financial calculations, such as interest calculations, cash flow analysis, amortization schedules, and options trading analysis.
  8. Equation Solver: The Equation Solver mode assists users in solving a wide range of equations, including linear equations, polynomial equations, exponential equations, and systems of equations, streamlining problem-solving tasks.
  9. Custom Formulas: Users can create and store custom formulas within the Quick Formulas mode, providing quick access to frequently used mathematical expressions and calculations.
  10. Unit Conversion: TechCalc includes a Quick Converter mode for convenient unit conversions across multiple categories, simplifying the conversion of measurements and quantities.

With its comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface, TechCalc offers a powerful tool for students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, making complex calculations more accessible and manageable.

Reference Section

The Reference Section of TechCalc provides users with a wealth of supplementary tools and information to enhance their mathematical and scientific endeavors. Here’s an overview of the resources available in the Reference Section:

  1. ASCII Converter: Convert between ASCII characters and their corresponding decimal, hexadecimal, or binary representations.
  2. Aspect Ratio Calculator: Calculate the aspect ratio of images or videos by entering their width and height dimensions.
  3. Balancing Chemical Equations: Assist in balancing chemical equations by entering reactants and products to ensure mass conservation.
  4. Barometric Formula Calculator: Calculate atmospheric pressure at different altitudes using the barometric formula.
  5. Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator: Determine the optimal tire pressure for bicycle tires based on factors like rider weight and tire size.
  6. Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator: Calculate BMI based on height and weight measurements to assess body composition.
  7. Boolean Algebra Calculator: Perform Boolean algebra operations such as AND, OR, NOT, and XOR on logical expressions.
  8. Characteristics of an RLC Circuit: Calculate the characteristics of resistive, inductive, and capacitive (RLC) circuits, including impedance and resonance frequency.
  9. Color Calculator: Convert between different color representations, such as RGB, hexadecimal, and HSL/HSV.
  10. Coordinates Converter: Convert coordinates between different systems, such as Cartesian, polar, and geographic coordinates.
  11. Empirical Formula Calculator: Calculate the empirical formula of a compound based on elemental composition data.
  12. Ephemerides Calculator: Calculate celestial positions and events, such as sunrise, sunset, and moon phases, based on date and location.
  13. Feet and Inches Calculator: Convert between feet and inches or perform arithmetic operations involving these units.
  14. Fractional Bits Converter: Convert between fractional bits and decimal numbers or perform arithmetic operations involving binary fractions.
  15. Geodetic Distance Calculator: Calculate the distance between two points on the Earth’s surface using geodetic formulas.
  16. Humidity Calculations: Perform calculations related to humidity, including dew point, relative humidity, and specific humidity.
  17. IEEE 754 Converter: Convert between decimal numbers and their IEEE 754 floating-point representations.
  18. Interpolation Calculator: Perform interpolation to estimate intermediate values between known data points using various interpolation methods.
  19. IP Subnet Calculator: Calculate subnet parameters, such as network address, broadcast address, and usable IP range, based on subnet mask and IP address.
  20. Linear Regression Analysis: Perform linear regression analysis to model relationships between variables and make predictions based on observed data.
  21. Molecular Weight Calculator: Calculate the molecular weight of chemical compounds based on atomic masses.
  22. Number Base Converter: Convert numbers between different numerical bases, such as binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
  23. Numerical Sequences: Generate and analyze numerical sequences, such as arithmetic progressions, geometric progressions, and Fibonacci sequences.
  24. Percentage Calculator: Perform percentage calculations, including percentage increase/decrease, percentage of total, and percentage difference.
  25. pH Calculator: Calculate the pH of solutions based on hydrogen ion concentration or perform pH-related calculations.
  26. Polygon Area Calculator: Calculate the area of polygons, including regular polygons and irregular polygons, based on their vertices.
  27. Proportion Calculator: Solve proportion problems involving ratios and fractions to find unknown quantities.
  28. Roman Numeral Converter: Convert between Roman numerals and decimal numbers or perform arithmetic operations with Roman numerals.
  29. Sigma and Pi Notation: Perform summation and product calculations using sigma (∑) and pi (∏) notation for mathematical series.
  30. Statistics (Grouped Data): Calculate various statistical measures, such as mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation, for grouped data sets.
  31. Unit Price Comparison: Compare prices of items with different quantities and units to find the best value for money.
  32. Wind Chill Calculator: Calculate wind chill temperature based on air temperature and wind speed to assess the perceived temperature outdoors.

These tools and resources in the Reference Section complement the core calculation capabilities of TechCalc, providing users with valuable support and assistance across a wide range of mathematical and scientific disciplines.


In conclusion, TechCalc is a comprehensive scientific calculator app that offers an extensive range of features and tools to support users in various mathematical and scientific tasks. From basic arithmetic calculations to advanced functions like calculus and matrix operations, TechCalc provides a versatile platform for performing calculations with ease and efficiency.

Additionally, the Reference Section of the app expands its utility by offering a wealth of supplementary resources, including converters, calculators, and informational guides covering diverse topics such as chemistry, physics, and engineering. Whether you’re a student, professional, or enthusiast, TechCalc equips you with the tools you need to tackle complex calculations and access valuable reference materials, all within a single app.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and extensive functionality, TechCalc stands out as a versatile and indispensable tool for anyone involved in scientific or mathematical endeavors. Whether you’re solving equations, analyzing data, or exploring scientific concepts, TechCalc empowers you to confidently navigate the world of numbers and equations, making it an essential companion for students, educators, and professionals alike.

Upgrade to Ad-Free Version

Upgrade to an ad-free version of TechCalc for uninterrupted access to its extensive features and tools. Say goodbye to distractions and enjoy seamless calculations and reference resources without any interruptions.

  • ver 5.1.1:
    ★ minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

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